SIGMA ROBLOX GAMES 😎😎 (Giga Chad Phonk Meme) #shorts #gigachad #sigma #roblox #memes -

SIGMA ROBLOX GAMES 😎😎 (Giga Chad Phonk Meme) #shorts #gigachad #sigma #roblox #memes

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  1. War of pirates and bee swarm:🗿

  2. "true Roblox players play what they want, real chads don't control people's likings and emotions, if they like that game they can play it, we are not god we are still human, we don't fight and disrespect others, we have respect and kindness."

  3. Man, you're stupid, people have different tastes in games, you're just selfish.

  4. Yeah just me is right it's just a game you fucker

  5. Finally a real Chad whos play natural disaster survival … Man i feel old

  6. In my mind: "Fat people are special! "
    Note to fat people: You're special and amazing !

  7. bro u forgot apheirophobia and blox fruit💀

  8. Blox fruits, strongest battlegrounds, old build a boat for treasure and Tower Defense Simulator. They are also good games.

  9. Gacha life: 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

    Adopt me: 🚫

    Brookhaven: 🤏

    Royale High: 🏳️‍🌈


    combat warriors 🗿

  10. Dinally someone who know that brookhaven is stupid and overrated, resepcet you man

  11. Pov: im game blox fruit 🗿 me game blox fruit

  12. What's roblox I never play roblox I only play call of duty

  13. It I'm interested in roblox where can, I, download roblox

  14. I play adopt me natural disaster Zo Samurai Legendes of speed pet sim x arsenal nico next bot apeirophobia piggy doors jail break da hood blox fruits etc

  15. Mad city, arsenal, phantom forces, breaking point?

  16. I do play gacha online but it's just for spying on people

  17. roleplay games haters
    type yes here.

  18. Part 1 of the edit: Some good but boring but mostly odor games and sussy ones.
    Part 2 of the edit: Why the hell would you play combat warriors? NDS is cool.. OK I DEFINITELY DID NOT REMEMBER ANIME IN OG GAMES, legends of speed is great but look at how new it is.

  19. Gacha Online… Shit, that fucking experience is still a frenzy… I can't even remember that experience…

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