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  1. Ok I play brookhaven but not for online dating me and the boys are roleplaying and trolling people online or driving around crazy

  2. I don't like either. Also people shouldn't be judged for what they like to play or not it's like separating the introverts and extroverts because they don't go together, this is similar because this is separating roleplay games and action games which Roblox is completely fine with both. I just want to say if you say any bullshit like The nerd emoji or that you aren't going to read it I absolutely am fine with that because I don't really care I mean hey it's free replies for no work other than typing it's not even typing I'm just saying this for speech to text I mean videos like these are kind of just stupid in my opinion I mean what's the point of Roblox having different genres if you aren't even going to at least try them and think that the world revolves around what you want.

  3. 𝓜𝓲𝓼𝓼𝓓𝓪𝓻𝓴𝓷𝓮𝓼𝓼 says:

    not everyone likes those modes in roblox that are presented as "the best"

  4. Blox fruit scamer: be like bro I can double your fruit ☠️💀

  5. Adopt me is just trading and rp whats wrong with that

  6. i still play the natural disasters game its still very fun for me

  7. I miss the old Roblox where people didn't judge what others liked man 😐

  8. “Yeah I play Roblox to have fun and don’t make edits on other games cause you I don’t like them but ik someone else does”

    Roblox Gigachad-

  9. So it's: games that started shit vs games that went down to shit

  10. I play all those games because I like to have fun on Roblox not judge people for the games they play.

  11. Oh I want to play horror game but my dad say no horror in my house ☹️

  12. Everyone should be able to play what they want and have a good time with it-giga chad 2023

  13. personally, tower heroes>TDS

  14. Nicos Next bots? Wait I'm old why am I even commenting on roblox.

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