so i found ILLEGAL ROBLOX GAMES... -


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In todays video i found ILLEGAL Roblox games that break roblox rules and sometimes even the Law… i also save people from Adopt Me scams and ruin kids gaming sessions in fake roblox minecraft



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lil character i use is by @kitzxne on twitr!!!

Thank yall for peeking at my description box ♥️

⚠️ If anyone is mentioned in this video, dont witch-hunt or target them. I dont support that, so please be nice 😀

Outro: Soft Feeling – Cheel

Undertale OST’s

Mario Kart WII/DS OST’s

Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. whats the cod zombie type game playing in the background

  2. “Think there on movile because ther very slow”
    Me: offended

  3. Can you play Arsenal with me my account is juan79492

  4. Can you just congrats for phantom forces and TDS for having 1B visits

  5. my friend is the original creator of minerblocks and he really appreciates u showing the game 😀

  6. dis man cheer me up he funny he big funny I love this man he is a good YouTuber in my opinion

  7. If I am roblox mod I would like ban slenders and cnp and emo and scammers and illegal games you know roblox is kid's platform

  8. what game were you playing in the background at the start though

  9. Hey chaseroony hahaman011 is a hacker ban him for ever plsssss

  10. Idk why some people's are laughing at a Jymbow and Chase playing Pet sim lol

  11. Meep city should be considered since the parties are Hella inappropriate the hackers that hacked meep city should hack meep city again

  12. Old roblox:Roblox games
    New roblox:roblox experience
    Old me:what the HELL is this?

  13. O_o 👍🏻
    U forgot adopt me its chaos in there

  14. At 500,000 Play bed wars it’s fun I promise I played it

  15. shut the when she was mining under the house that scream was literal content i cannot stop laughing

  16. I would like to know what the game that he plays in the start

  17. Nintendo : bans games
    Roblox: u banned the best games
    Nintendo : they copied us
    Roblox :bans nintendo 😎

  18. What was the name of the gameplay, the zombie game at the first clip!?

  19. I thought he was gonna search arson and homicide simulator

  20. Lol he plays my fav game (horizon)

  21. Roblox: How many games do you want us to take down that has nintendo characters in it?

    Nintendo: yes

  22. Uhhh dude your using the clip of backrooms level 7 lights out

  23. roblox: we do not allow gay or hello but we allow to get sued we do not care if we lose players because of hacking and we do not care if we get arrested

  24. ".. I stopped two children from getting scammed "

    Me : how?

    Chaserooni : Self control

  25. Goombas in that game are referred as boombas [my opinion]

  26. but how did u help kids get scammed

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