So I Played SQUID GAME Roblox Games And THEN THIS HAPPENED... (Roblox) -

So I Played SQUID GAME Roblox Games And THEN THIS HAPPENED… (Roblox)

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So I Played SQUID GAME Roblox Games And THEN THIS HAPPENED… (Roblox)

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  1. I watched the squid game until the end of the episode

  2. Russo there is a new update in bedwars there is a new kit

  3. oh that game that gme is a real movie😂😂😂😂

  4. The first one you can press shift to sprint like bedwars

  5. Hearing Russo say “I’m so proud of these boys” reminds me that he’s a dad

  6. red light green light is really cool too but harder

  7. Last night I wach the show a d to night I will wach the show again

  8. … literally started watching squid game and now my favourite youtuber is playing it on roblox? bruh

  9. Bro whyyyy there's a game of squid game

  10. How do you even play I have been waiting 30+ minutes

  11. They should make it so all 6 games are in one session

  12. That scream tho 😂 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. do u know that the old man dosen't get scanned because of his brain tomer

  14. uhmm russo you can be faster by clicking shift or ctrl

  15. Day 22 of asking Russo to play Roblox Shark Bite

  16. Thx men u the best i can see my fav show lol

  17. if they add thr other games in the show oh yea ik my fav tug of war

  18. I seen the full episodes its up to episode 9 and there are six games

  19. squid game original map fish game(squid game)

  20. Many maps are fake, the real ones are fish game(squid game)

  21. Squid game is a good show I’m half way through episode 2

  22. I’m sorry you weren’t on the tier list with Dennis

  23. Is actually hard to make the 2nd game they might skip it because the 2nd game is get the biscuit out

  24. Russo forgot the pet simulator x.. Sad.

  25. i watched a real movie its scary i almost cried… they made a child game to horror game i played it in my grandma moms house with my cousin and uncle …

  26. plz play blox fruits its so fun and its one piece plz -plz plz im a kid like im 9 plz plzthis is my father acount

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