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Speedrunning The World In 5 Different Roblox JOJO Games!

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Speedrunning The World In 5 Different Roblox JOJO Games!

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  1. Bro I have the the rarest stand instandest awakening it's tw just like black

  2. Have you tried to use wormhole uppercut on tusk, it does 1.3 I think wait no 1.6 dmg per uppercut

  3. The world ova is technically the world but is the old version is like 10 percent for the shiny category and 1% is the world so yeah it is rare same to star platinum ova

  4. MORE MORE MORE WE NEED MORE (but please do 3 pr 2 hunters only)

  5. the first person to get the roblox gift cards was probably like LETS GOOOO

  6. Hmmmmm? What was that cut in the crusaders heaven when u almost ran out of time 💀

  7. Alternate title: getting the world under 30 minutes

  8. I got shadow the world with a normal arrow in aut

  9. Picked the worst jojo games for this out of like the 30 others that arent abd, n or aut. You couldve shown off some of the newer games, pretty disappointed. Other than that great video.

  10. There was like this jojo game that had a realistic c-moon i had it was so fun

  11. finding the world in aut
    his skills:the world dash

  12. sorry for you but I hot first try in n a bizarre day and stand awakening

  13. HW can you please try Jojo's Bloxxy Adventure it's probably the hardest game to get stand

  14. I miss abd when I played it on mobile it was the first JoJo and other game and anime game I've ever played if it compatible with all devices it would be back in huge number or low numbers

  15. I bet when the Robux codes came on kids raced to Roblox to put em in and when it was already used they would probably cry.

  16. Gaster5020 Pucci - Truly Chaotic ??.0 says:

    Okay In A Bizarre Days I Think Za Warudo Was Impossible Chance To Get Tw

  17. The percentage of the world in SA is 1percent

  18. lmao he got tw au and after time ended the first arrow he used he got the even rare version of tw

  19. U have the best and funniest videos and memes I've seen

  20. In stands awakening TW stand from arrow is 2% chance but if you get a rare item you can trade it for TW stand bc of the new update

  21. For the people who watched the video late.the codes has expired already

  22. dont lie i played N before and you can PICK your stand

  23. The world the son
    The world ova the father
    The world AU the brother
    The world over heaven the mother
    Dead the world stalker

  24. 5:55 nah no way man, the excitement really seems made up and that was clearly a cut

  25. u know if u use the dio diary/bone and use it on the stand without the quest it works

  26. Fun fact hw could just summoned tw in N directly☠️

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