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Squid Game Roblox

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This is the greatest squid game of All Time
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  1. Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Funny how this guy who playing has a beard long hair.. like viking style almost.. still with braincells of a 13 year old 😅

  3. JimWool description:God of Squid games.
    As Charie always says "if your not a man of faith your a man of Travis Scott" but in this situation its "if your not a man of Faith your a man of JimWool".

  4. My heartrate was triple digits the entire battle with Marv

  5. spams keyboard, hits button for punch

    Well for a second there Charlie had the right button.

  6. Charlie vs Marv is basically Kirishima vs TetsuTetsu

  7. that fight with marv had me on the edge of my seat

  8. I remember going to the corner of my street (because that's where I could get free trial xfinity wifi) to download Charlie's videos onto my SD card on my Galaxy Tab 3, then watch all 120+ of them one by one. I eventually memorized a lot of things he said in those videos because I watched them for more than a year. Over and over and over again. In fact, if you go back to my gameplay vids, you'll notice that I say a lot of things that he did, even when it didn't make any sense. That's because for some reason, I would say something that he would say or something that reminded me of it, then repeat what I remember him saying. So oddly nice to think back on… One thing I remember very well are the Carmena of Ditty gameplay and the Roblox one. I loved the Roblox one. I had so much fun watching that one specifically. I remember the BrickBoyz thing. It was so much fun to watch everybody chase him around the entire time, too. I can only imagine how much dopamine was going through their brains, just being close to a guy that had like 2mil or something at the time. And yes I am aware that last sentence is fangirly. But you gotta understand, times weren't the best for me.

  9. asking if roblox has a problem with hackers is like asking if Florida has a problem with heat

  10. The stupid thing is that squid game isnt even interesting to watch.

  11. Dude those kids following charlie around the whole time were so annoying

  12. There's something kind of magical about hearing the iconic "oof" sound in a Squid Game knockoff.

  13. Lol the last fight lasted longer than the actual last fight in Squid Game 😂

  14. 👑 𝓟rincess ℋarmony ℳoonlight 🌸 says:

    They should have made the tugger war game too

  15. I see you flexing your knowledge of developmental psychology. 🙂

  16. I wish you'd turn your follow off so people cant join your games so you stop getting these hacking children.


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  19. Charlie and Marvs fight is prob the most emotional and memorable fight in the history of fights

  20. Marc is a legend for lasting so long in the ring with Charlie

  21. I love that I got an add for free robux in the middle of this.

  22. "These kids havent event developed object permanence yet" LMAOO

  23. love how charlie is talking about spider man but not the red head

  24. Why watch The avengers vs Thanos when you can watch Charlie vs Marv for free😂


  26. Now that roblox is down I’m just watching your roblox videos

  27. I just learned what object permeance meant watching this video. What did y'all learn?

  28. This is when a legend was born in his name was Jim wool

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