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[STAT CODE] Abusive Admins DESTROY every Server in Blox Fruits

Gamer Robot
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Watch till the end for a surprise.

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All music is from epidemic sounds

Song Credits:
Artist: Trial & Error
Vocal: kikyow ( )
Words / Music : Sakagami Souichi ( )
Kanshou Resistance:

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  1. Pipí pi perdí mi fruta del fuego deberían agregar una función qué evite que te comas una fruta inferior para evitar problemas

  2. Gamer robot I was level 2450 and I had a lot of things and now I'm 932 and I lost everything I had to happen😭😭😭😭😭

    Please help My name is udnc47e45

  3. Zoiles are you the creator of the BLOX fruits game

  4. Gosto muito de você vc e meu ADM favorito

  5. Estou feliz por encontrar seu canal

  6. E desculpa por não falar inglês:c

  7. Hello gamer robot i know this îs a dumb guestion but tomorow is my birthday and i wondered if i could get triple dark blade i know im not getting it 🙁

  8. Hi, is it possible to contact the developer somehow?
    If anything, I use a translator, so I apologize for the mistakes.

  9. I wanted to ask you to turn me into a Blox fruits admin but I doubt you will see this comment but my Nick is Luis_otako24

  10. Dont make blox fruit look like king legacy in next update please and make the mammoth fruit details just like leo transfromation the details of the game rn is good dont add any graphics or any texture to it just add fruits etc just dont change details graphics and texture it would look bad and laggy….

  11. Please give me a discord, I’ll tell you a couple of affectionate things, give me normal fruit and not a kilo!

  12. Helo blox fruits I came to make a complaint about the game, I was level 2450 on the second sea and I left the game and entered again and my account had gone back to level 1307 I want you to resolve this please I was trying to get the true triple katana and I got the cursed dual katana because of this, if you want to help the account name and [two9zin47]

  13. hi zioles
    can you teleport me to the kamui dimension pls

  14. Hello zioles, I'm a big fan of yours, can you give me some early fruit (I'm br)

  15. ธีรภัทร ชื่นชม says:

    I found a promotion in your map.

  16. Can you be. My. friend me I cannot believe you're gonna be my friend ( Real admin admin person ashley be my friend)

  17. Captain Maui is know a admin watch out😮😮

  18. Hello zioles, how are you?, I'm Brazilian, and I wanted to know if you could just give me a buddha because I've been waiting in the store for a long time. If you don't want to, you don't have to, I admire you so much, my Nick and: victor_70222

  19. That’s my boi Zioles bro respect for that 👌

  20. I got false banned when 2nd sea came out, and when I tried to figure out how to fix it, I got banned from the discord. So hopefully they fix that someday…

  21. Hey Blox fruit admin this is the day I got banned for a 1 month pls unban me if u can read this I see some one using hack in my account that is not me and I got ban in August 25 I been spent all my summer to grind bounty to 30m get V4 everything that I do in the summer pls if the admin can read this pls Unban me User:nmmmm99 =( I hope you. Have a nice day.


  23. Hello im fan of the game you can give me a reset stats i used it for error and mi stat of defense is on 707

  24. Plz update this shitty game update 20 was announced in February

  25. Please permanent dough my name is

  26. hi zioles can you accept my friendship because I wanted to sI'm really your friend, my name is banana

  27. Admin, please ban truongz2 account because this account uses bounty hunting hack and blox fruit lv frame

  28. GamerRobot if someone wants to be an admin what do they have to have and also be to get admin? Or like work with the group?

  29. Why me ban me akun,I dont use cheat,why you ban?

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