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Testing the Best Hunter x Hunter Game on Roblox! | HxH: Ultimate Finale

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In this video, I play the final stress test of Hunter x Hunter Ultimate Finale on Roblox!









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Isolated Dragon:

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  1. Everyone gangsta till u realize u been farming for hours and data don't save o_O

  2. Bruh why it looks like dragon ball btw i dont finish the video cause im disappointed on game sorry it looks like dragon ball and i dont know if there zetsu ? Ren ? ? Cause I didn’t finish the vid but im disappointed cause it looks like dragon ball bruh when u release ur nen its sound like wishewwishewishew lol look like dragon ball

  3. WHYY I was literally making a hxh game😔🥺😢😢

  4. Why!!! Like the other guy whos making a hxh game , Im making one too. I hope that mine can make it on the front page

  5. dud is this available on mobile? ive been waiting for hxh gamen

  6. I cannot wait till this game comes out to the public dude cant wait to get godspeed

  7. guys. can u tell me why i cant play this game? (hxh ultimate final) pls tell meee

  8. how are you playing the game please tell me

  9. Everytime I look this game up I can't find it

  10. Bro when this game drops I want to be a enhancer i want that phantoms troupe guy powers

  11. so I was watching Musicality Hisoka beat before this vid and i hop on this vid and i hear the beat…. how rare is that

  12. honestly i recommend hxh worlds, it’s really fun.

  13. Title: Testing The Best Hunter x Hunter Game on Roblox!
    Me: You mean the only Hunter x Hunter Game on Roblox

    Edit: I just checked and Hunter x Hunter games are so rare on roblox that this one is not even out yet :/

  14. I hope someday you'll play my Hunter x Hunter game, when it's big!

  15. I cant see this Game in my list when I'm searching HxH:Ultimate Fianal

  16. YO there is a new hxh people r creating it's in Dev it looks good it's called To X Hunter

  17. I hope this game will be available for mobile, it seems really fun!

  18. Tbh I'm still kinda new to hxh but I still really wanna try this game out xd

  19. I wanna play this thats so gayy i cant play

  20. if u want to know the game is realeasing on may 1st 2021 or around this month

  21. this game isn't even in roblox lol or well at least I cannot find it

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