The Best Upcoming Roblox Anime Game of 2024 Arrives SOON! -

The Best Upcoming Roblox Anime Game of 2024 Arrives SOON!

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If you are not aware TESTING for The Best Upcoming Roblox Anime Game of 2024 Pocket Anime is only a few WEEKS! Away. With this news there is also not going to be a media ban on the testing / early access gameplay so we will be covering it..

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  1. The marine has the number 137 next to it so we are at least going to get 137 animon in the game when it releases, just thought it was a cool little detail.

  2. i hope this game updates consistently. the downfall of basically every pokemon-esc game on roblox is updates taking too long/not having enough content to keep people playing. a real competitive scene and… faster updates would help this issue tremendously. some events sprinkled here and there and even tournaments with actual prizes would also be appreciated.

  3. i dont give a fuck about sv's but my team of 5 ussops is gonna have THE D that for sure

  4. Pocket anime is not the best game comming to 2024

  5. i wonder if they gonna add dynamaxing for mega evolutions or a z move

  6. Cant wait for pocket anime and tales of tanorio

  7. "every character in the game has individual unique move sets that have different animation which is honestly crazy" – revolver agz glaze king

  8. It's anime adventure (Pokemon edition)💀

  9. Swift has never watched anime a day in his life

  10. Bro, why don't you release pokemon vids then. :/

  11. Agz really is a pokemon game fan i only played Pokemon white/Black

  12. I like how swift and rev keep mentioning each other in their videos

  13. but naruto loses too kurama because he did used baryon mode did you forget

  14. John 3:16
    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life

  15. Biggest glazer here this guy sucks up to all the new Roblox switches up to each new developer🤣🤣

  16. Glazing is a whole new level for this guy mans a joke rell seas now this

  17. icl the hype getting 2 much none of the games have released yet and i've seen 2 much videos of it, and most of the games probably won't release this year and just get delayed to next year like everytime but i hope that won't be the case so looking foward this year

  18. Do we know if breeding and/or genders are going to be included

  19. Istg if this game comes out like grand kaisen

  20. I love this game already and if you have ever played 7ds grand cross its simular to this when i was little i never liked pokemon or any games like it but as i grew older ive become fond of Pokemon type games

  21. no way in hell im more exited for a pokemon game than rell seas or holy war x 💀 you on some stuff

  22. saying this is THE BEST anime game of 2024 is crazy.

  23. i can finally quit playing shitty tower defense games after aa is gone

  24. Whar the hell is that team bro I'm sorry but you definitely don't play showdown 😭

  25. Seems nice but i dislike turn based combat, considering i really dislike games where it fights for you, instead of you actually fighting yourself so rip, think it'll definitely do good though

  26. Pocketanime looks great and I can see the hype, but I dont think it'll be better than Hwx and Rell seas whatsoever. I just think that Poketanime did the best at advertising out of 3. If Hwx can drop a good trailer and Rell seas drops movie 2 with a good sum up of the game that they'll top that. Now Im aware that people are gonna say im glazing the 2, but I could say the same for the other. Dont get me wrong, Im hella exited for Pocketanime, but you gotta relise how much we haven't seen from the other 2 just yet. For me, Im hoping for Pocketanime to be a quick and simple turn base rpg to play when im taking a break from something. Whereas Rell seas and Hwx look like I'll be spending day and night playing with friends and adventuring the insane amount of things they could have just upon release alone(once again… im not saying that any of the games are bad or not capable of disappointment either)

  27. is breeding allowed in pocket anime so we can have baby luffigo (ichigo x luffy)

  28. It makes sense that gaara could be a demon type because a tailed beast is literally a demon so like it just makes sense that he would be same eith naruto

  29. Your opinion and my opinion but I do not like Thais type of game the type of game where you can’t move alround when in combat and do m1 combos with skills I like comboing and moving alround when fighting

  30. i've been waiting on this game for so long man 😂 when it releases im gonna be playing for hours

  31. I swear if it gets copyrighted then i am never playing any Pokémon like games

  32. Make a video explaining the stats thing please

  33. revolver knows he catching a fade with me when we on testing

  34. I own pokemon. Why would i play this.

  35. "And you dont actually pay to get early access" meanwhile 1:18

  36. Majin buu is gonna be my starter looks to be the best option psychic is a W for a starter

  37. Tbh how’s this game gonna avoid copyright 💀💀💀

  38. Ngl the glaze lowkey crazy this looks good but not better than rell sea and holy war x 💀

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