The BEST VIOLENT Roblox Games (Combat Warriors, ZOぞ, Allusions, Neighborhood War) -

The BEST VIOLENT Roblox Games (Combat Warriors, ZOぞ, Allusions, Neighborhood War)

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This video is basically a mash up of what I think are the best violent roblox games.

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  1. haha i like how you ignored criminality
    God i uhhh v1.3

  2. Subbed purely off what was said at the beginning of the vid

  3. hey we met in new user yesterday, im vysiral. ill start watching ur content again prob

  4. why does chronat sound like sniper mask on High Rise Invasion, like his son or something lol

  5. Oohooo!! 79K+ Sub's!! Good luck to 100K Sub's Chronat!!1!

  6. ChronaI:I am best zo player!
    Floatyzone:are you challenging me?

  7. You may hear this alot but you sound alot like swagger souls in this vid specially

  8. imagine saying bozo to a bacon thats not nice 😡😡

  9. combat and violence and such a great video

  10. I suggest you try out souls combat, it's a pretty fun fighting game as well, although you do need combos to do good damage, but regardless I urge you to give it a go

  11. You gotta try out town man the game is literally called town

  12. I ruined 500 likes and 69 comments haha lmao

  13. Sounds like a younger version of swagger souls

  14. Zo [to good when you win a 2v1 next second some sweat who can kill 1000 people comes and ezed you the true definition of pain]

  15. my favorite is the allusions game, although combat warriors and the others are much better made than this game, allusions is not a game that makes me give RAGE QUIT, because almost all the weapons are good, it is a very satisfying game in my opinion.

  16. 5:36 please don't tell me I'm the only who heard this voice crack LMAO

  17. I honestly wish there was a fight Club at my school so I could beat the crap out of people

  18. Why does allusion game has a Zhong li pillar and his pole arm

  19. Combat warriors is so fun. Become kung-fu panda and punch people to death with your bare hand.

  20. I love ur vids combat warriors is the best though…BUT HOW DARE U INCLUDE ALLUSIONS! ALLUSIONS DOSENT HAVE BLOOD U MENACE!

  21. Try fight park enable blood first pretty decent game

  22. allusions needs 1 month now
    i cant play it

  23. Ntjjg is also violent somehow because it has gore settings

  24. Hey man the weapon spear u using in allusions is from genshin

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