The CRAZIEST Would You Rather Game EVER! (Roblox w/ The Squad) -

The CRAZIEST Would You Rather Game EVER! (Roblox w/ The Squad)

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The Game We Played ► Roblox Pick A Side
The CRAZIEST Would You Rather Game EVER! (Roblox w/ The Squad)

Hi, I’m Alex and I love playing Roblox games with my friends! We call ourselves ‘The Squad’! Subscribe to join us on many adventures!

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  1. Guys let’s get Alex and the squad to 9 million subscribers!!!!!!

  2. Charli dies sora:she's looking into the future rn …… Me:LOL no sora she died-

  3. So.. Either less friends or kill someone?

  4. I love your videos so much lnpuisitor master 💕💕

  5. Hi! i heard that if you say the youtuber's name 3 times, you get pinged. soooooooo




  6. Me sees light and Charlie gonna get married me: YES YES AMAZING

  7. I love how sora’s username is tomatoblend like tomato(jaxx) and him 🙂 defiantly a cute ship 🛳

  8. I love your videos so much
    Can I join the squad my name is Killz24999

  9. Abrash and Aariz cool family fun HAVE FUN🤪 says:

    Not sora or jaxx(neither)

  10. Why can’t they just pick 10M dollars because when you do that you can just buy a lot of them

  11. I cant wait to see what’s gonna happen on 9M!!!!

  12. At the beginning there's another Charlie in the back

  13. Oml that rap battle was so good! Tbh that’s me vs my little sis. I think Jaxx won.

  14. I wanna love you to squad and inquitormaster

  15. Let’s appreciate the fact that even tho Alex might be going through rough times she’s still posting every single day!

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