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The CREEPIEST ROBLOX GAMES with DARK SECRETS on ROBLOX BROOKHAVEN! New HACKER FOUND in Roblox Brookhaven 🏡RP NEW UPDATE! In this video, I am showing you the new scary hack in Brookhaven! I caught a new secret on camera at 3am while testing new scary Brookhaven TikTok hacks in the new house in Brookhaven! I found really scary and crazy secrets about Brookhaven like a new secret hideout! This was a really scary creepy challenge in ROBLOX BROOKHAVEN 🏡RP!





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  1. I play Brookhaven in night the only thing that happens is that there is a bunch lf people that don’t speak English in the game

  2. U dont need a command to get there for the holloween house

  3. I love your videos,keep up the hard work😊

  4. I did play brookhaven at night and nothing happen maybe they wanted to save me to be a drill caneraman i can dig under the floor

  5. 😮WwhAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 10:44 story: so when i tried this game, i couldn't leave like you guys and i stepped on the black checkpoint and my IPad started to lag. Even outside of roblox, i was so scared because i couldn't open my IPad, i kept on shutting down, and my apps were turning invisible! PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS IF ON MOBILE!!!!!!!!

  7. I Love your videos I watch them a lot I am 7 years old and I have my own phone 🤗💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝📱

  8. I Love your videos you always bust miths out

  9. 16:04 maya last time in brook I I heard a weird laugh around us. It was me and my cousin the next thing it’s creepy. I was trying to film a video evidence or like a video and then i scream then I heard the game scream like ahhhhhhh

  10. I was playing a fake rainbow friends game because I thought it was real rainbow friends when I realized it was fake. I tried leaving, but I couldn’t unless if I turn off my tablet.

  11. Show me what time I was playing Roblox and I was just going to the house I went on a car and I eventually just stopped for a second because I there was a something was watching ME

  12. I love ur videos❤
    Thanks for making me laugh everydad😂

  13. I have a REAllY good question so now here it is…………….why did he even put that out on YouTube if we does not want anyone to even try it?is it because they want to show them why?

  14. He does not anyone to try it I mean

  15. I saw a crazy weird Roblox person and than his name was Sheidbdjdbdjdbdidbribad guy hacker

  16. I always play Brookhaven at night in real life and when I join it's night time or sometimes they might be raining but I never saw that

  17. I just need to tell you something the piggy game that you tried was the wrong game

  18. Show me my sister was just playing Roblox until this happened. We are playing a role-play together then we heard a scary clown laughing he didn’t know what it was but we thought it was a person hacking.

  19. I think she was there because you changed the map rust

  20. Guys so you know that house that is green and the abandoned house they are connected.
    They are connected because they are both green and they are both weird.Its weird because it has that seat thingy

  21. Also when you guys went in that secret place its normal its just really normal UNTILL YOU ACTIVATE IT

  22. I love these videos keep up the good work

  23. My Lena♥️🖤 when I was playing Brookhaven one time I’m off I think something happened you know how that great face doesn’t have color on its eyes and this gray and it has a little bit hair. I saw someone wearing that it was creepy and my friend that school they got hacked by hacker, they saw Pippi glitch And when I was trying to tap on stuff and I was when I was when I was at my grandpa’s house wouldn’t let me it was like twice now when I download it again, it worked but my iPhone deleted Roblox something something is happening with Brookhaven. I don’t know what’s happening it made me scared. It made me stressed out And I feel like I was gonna get banned from Brookhaven’s house house when someone has like like someone like banned me I knew they were gonna banned me like I felt like it felt like there were hackers. I didn’t get happened when I was five years old or six years old and I am six liberties and five months, but I don’t know if I want any hacks but I’ll let you know if it if the tapping doesn’t work again

  24. Hi Anna Luna, I feel like something strange when you set the castle video secrets I thought something like red you should get that again in kindergarten. I had a I had didn’t have a friend but I am my only friend was Romina and Haley actually preschool not kindergarten I’m listening. I’m just losing my marblesand he was a boy preschool six years old in first grade and he acted really strange and me and Romina we bully to like the girl chubby cheeks so yeah

  25. I saw a strange player in a Roblox game that I was playing

  26. I once stayed up all night playing roblox and didn't even notice

  27. I love your videos keep up the good work maya and Luna!

  28. maya luna i got hacked by roblox i cant play swan location

  29. 😱 gise i was playing my game gilch i saw the coed i was 267 in my game

  30. Maya and Clara I was in brokhaven and and then my friends got kidnapped for saying her location

  31. i did Swan location when i was 4 or 5 and guees what i can’t leave

  32. Hey hey I heard laughing in In Brookhaven And I had no idea what was it

  33. I can’t leave the game rainbow friends obby so I shut my tablet

  34. Woow this is the best❤❤ keep making more videos😊

  35. Maya Maya! It's true I played spawn location and I can't leave finally I leave the game it was scary and I saw a guy named AKAY and she actually can't move!😨😨😨😨

  36. 😲 Comment if you play scary Roblox games! ❤ "Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear." Jesus loves you so much! He is our Lord and Savior! Jesus wants us to turn away from sin because sin separates us from God. Mark 12:30 says, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

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