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Today, Flush will look into some of the SCARIEST ROBLOX IMAGES! There’s a lot of SCARY DARK GAMES with SECRETS! But what are the origin of the images? Flush will find out the TRUTH of the images such as the RUSSIAN SLEEP EXPERIMENT, CURSED TELETUBBIES, JOHN PORK and more!



  1. he Backrooms are an online fiction originating from a creepypasta posted on a 2019 4chan thread. One of the best-known examples of the Internet aesthetic of liminal spaces, which depicts usually busy locations as unnaturally empty, the Backrooms was first described as a maze of empty office rooms that can only be entered by "noclipping out of reality".

    As its popularity grew, internet users expanded upon the original concept by creating different levels and entities which inhabit the Backrooms. Fan-made video games, collaborative fiction wikis and YouTube videos have also been created: a series of horror shorts created by YouTuber Kane Parsons in 2022 is credited with popularizing Backrooms content on the mainstream internet, and he is slated to direct a film adaptation of his Backrooms vides,

  2. I think "the backrooms" image came from a building in china or japan

  3. Guys pls listen to me this is my real experience which happened on me in 2019 on the day in halloween I was basically sitting at my house

    Then someone knocked on the door and it was just kids like for trick or treat

    After it second calling bell i opened the door and I was f**kin creeped out and I asked what ?

    And he was like telling in an unknown language I didn't understood what did he told and I called my mom and she told it's just a halloween costume and i gave some candies and closed the door the day after it I was normally coming from daiso (Japanese store) and I saw he was following me the same guy I saw it on the mirror in the random building opposite of me I was scared and ran but he came behind me and told me that I'm just a teenage boy and he removed his make up and showed me and I asked why r u following me and he told he is a youtuber and he was taking a prank video whole time and I was like : 🤬🤬🤬🤬 or else what should I say ? 🙂

  4. The teletuby one got me dead laughing tbh

  5. I think i know the answer to the mystery about John Pork, I think he was just born with a condition that made him look like a pig, but is actually a human. Note: this is just a theory about him, so i could be wrong.

  6. the backrooms look like my moms working job space.

  7. Join no players online it’s a scary game

  8. Why do people gossip so much about these dumb images

  9. It was my second birthday when the Russian sleep experiment creepy pasta was published


  11. John pork could be a photo face thing or photo setting

  12. Scary game that I play was I HEARD IT TOO plz play it

  13. I’m scared why you make a scary video

  14. The scariest game I ever played on roblox is called yes my friend made it

  15. If the Russian sleep experiment was real the other people watching the creepy dude going crazy: The power of Christ compels you

  16. I played a bunch of scary games in my life but one was the scariest Charlie Charlie from the App Store let's see play this game my favorite YouTuber you're also my favorite YouTuber I'm not lying to you I'm a freaking fan of people that make scary videos when he makes scary videos so one time when I was using the Charlie Charlie app I told Charlie Charlie are you watching my parents in the freaking said yes I got the freaking I delete the game Amino because I was so freaked out and I didn't want Charlie Charlie to keep watching my parents so I was like I got to see my parents are just weird and I smacked Charlie Charlie game out

  17. the russian sleeping experiment is real they did it in russia

  18. The backrooms location: Japan underground

  19. my scariest game is ''be a dad and get milk simulator''

  20. On the rake you said that it is also called a skinwalker. That is very wrong but they are similar creepypastas and also the skinwalker is proven real. A skinwalker is a animal/thing that can shapeshift to whatever it wants or teleport anywhere it wants. the rake is like a human/dog/alien thing that just scares and kills people

  21. I love how you make things less scary and comfortable while watching the video I usually watch videos talking about creppy stuff but the way you talk about them so chill makes them less scary and the video is so safe to make you feel comfortable that nothing like these actually exist 😀 keep up the amazing work Flush I hope I get pinned someday❤!! 🙂

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