The DUMBEST Roblox Game I’ve ever played -

The DUMBEST Roblox Game I’ve ever played

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get a snack at 4am is a very weird roblox game


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  1. Day 17 Of You Searching for A User By The Name Of "gnu"

  2. if this is dumb then play doors! its a horror game please i subscribed so please😇

  3. play doors trust me it is a very fun not horror and not scary game at all 100%

  4. Anyone notice he did not play the original game?

  5. Day 59 of asking dj to play my singing monsters

  6. I hope dj reads this if he doesn’t reply I will unsubscribe from his channel immediately

  7. Play king legacy the game is based off an anime called one piece the anime has over 900 episodes I think

  8. DAY ∞ of asking DJLovesTurbo to react to my goofy ahhh videos

  9. Damn I didn’t know that dj cook is racist to Indiana people for that one hater lmfao

  10. maybe you took the game a bit too serious i mean it's not about beating the game, it's about the endings

  11. Escape papa pizzeria pizza 2 no one plays this game

  12. Game to play: tower defense simulator

    (basic tips: this is a tower defense game kinda obvious..
    Do not go hardcore mode because you're not level 50
    If u wanna buy good towers go to shop by going to the store or pressing the shop button
    go to the survival if u wanna to go the main game
    you can go find people or play yourself
    and pick molten mode because easy is rig and easy mode doesn't give many coins
    and think about how to place the towers
    I recommend to not buy any skin crates but if u wanna.

    and I guess that's all hope you read this or not…)

  13. Please Please play bedwars im begging you! can you play bedwars with tanqr he is PROOO

  14. 𖣎•∆𝚓𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚢 gacha∆•𖣎 says:

    I believe you didn't get the orange juice and toothpaste ending,so basically,you buy some orange juice from the store,drink it In the bathroom,and than eat the toothpaste,hope this helped♡

  15. Play Pilot training flight simulator on Roblox, trust me it's snazzy.

  16. Play Blox Fruits, it's my favorite game, it's based off of one piece (The anime).

    Let me explain:

    Blox Fruits, When you first join the game, you will need to choose between Pirate or Marine (Personally I choose pirates), you will then spawn on Pirate Starter/Marine Starter then go to the Bandit Quest Giver/Trainee Quest Giver, get the Trainee/Bandit Quest. After That you will then to fight 5 of them, and get 350 Money and 300 Exp (or more idk) after that, grind alot, when you reach 1,000+ Money, go to the sword-dealer and buy your chosen sword, this will help you to grind, I also forgot about stats, every time you finish a quest you get 3 stat points then, upgrade your stats (or save up stat points then upgrade) only upgrade Melee, Defense, Sword, Blox Fruit, don't upgrade gun since it's not good for grinding. Back to what I was saying, this will help you to grind, when you get 5,000+ Money, buy The Kilo Fruit at the Blox Fruits dealer (or save up money to get a stronger fruit) you will then lose the ability to swim,

  17. hey dj i recommend you to play evade

  18. Can you try playing 3008 on roblox? It's a building game and a survival game so basically in the game you have to make a house with furniture because your trapped in an IKEA store when the lights turn off you need to go to your base/home because there's workers trying to make you leave the store but there is no exits so you need to build a place where your safe. Controls are:
    grab = E
    Rotate = R
    Interact = F
    Whistle = H

  19. the original way to win: get the chips, and go to your room, eat the chips in your room, and then sleep.

  20. You are stupid shut up a potato like a dummy

  21. Instead of making fun of Indiana make fun of Puerto Rico

  22. U take chips then go to room then eat then sleep

  23. Dj can you play if you OOF you get banned?

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