The Fall of Roblox's Biggest Games -

The Fall of Roblox’s Biggest Games

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Two stories of how beloved Roblox games fell from glory. Why did this happen? How could this have been prevented? And how do some old Roblox games NEVER die out? There’s lots of ups and downs for these players, so I hope you enjoy the ride!

Like “The Rise of Roblox’s Richest Players” and “The Story of Roblox’s #1 Game” but this time I cover bigger roblox games and not only their rise, but their downfall as well.

Including Meep City, Work at a Pizza Place, Natural Disasters Survival, Murder Mystery 2 and Pet Simulator!

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  1. Blox fruit is the best Best best in the world

  2. This game called Southwest Florida hasn’t updated since October I think

  3. irdc about kids seeing that i mean they will see it anyways just make the game 13+ so 9 year olds dont see it lol

  4. But the meepcity got hacked by tubers93

  5. I do agree thay blox fruits is definitely unselfish game to the dev himself i think, but it is still P2W due to expensive buying of fruits.

  6. L minute and a half ad mixed in with content Im not watching that bro

  7. im one of the slender online daters that was joining those parties on meep city

  8. Its me in 2024 and meepcity now has 10k players

  9. i was inthe time parties in meepcity existed but its gone now lol

  10. I was alive and a kid when i noticed:
    Monday: NDS, 17K active
    Tuesday: NDS, 100 active BRUH

  11. The parties update on Meepcity was a mistake.

  12. Bee swarm simulator gets updates in 5 months – a year

  13. Meepcity Has ALOT of baddies and gansters instead of SlenderAnd how to join go to servers join any server done ALOT OF AMERICANS

  14. I went to pet sim a few days ago and all of my pets islands and money was gone it was all deleted. Even real world money items were gone so I'm never playing again because it took me 2 years to get everything not even being done and I lost it all. Nothing ever came back.

  15. All roleplaygames turn to a place for ODer and hackers and its kinda sad😢

  16. Most of these games are my childhood Fr.


  18. You should make a video about the rise and fall of Roblox Piggy

  19. I wonder if anime defenders is gonna die but I really hope not.

  20. 2024: hundred percent of people are plus and meep city

  21. Someone please read this comment because tell cubeinc that Preston made other games like big paintball

  22. Pet sim 1: popular
    Pet sim 2: shit
    Pet sim x: popular and kinda fun
    Pet sim 99: popular and still kinda fun.

    PsX and Ps99 actually are very fair to the poor. I haven’t spent a single robuck on the game and I’m doing just peachy

  23. I’ve never seen an original Roblox game that’s not just a carbon copy of something else

  24. But could you blame a 17 yo with such huge amount of money? This world soo corrupt everyone wants money and will be corrupted by money.

  25. the original pet simulator is so much better than the new ones

  26. 2:26 this makes DOORS👁️ the 2nd game to pass 1b and the 1st game to pass 5b visits!

  27. Bro forgot Piggy Cuz it has 1B before…
    and now it has just Thousands

  28. Dawum. Im gonna play pet sim 99 now😂😂😂

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