The FIRST JoJo Game on Roblox -

The FIRST JoJo Game on Roblox

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This is literally the first EVER jojo game to exist on roblox.


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go check this channel out. he is amazing at making music.



  1. Bro that game slapped but died because of exploiters

  2. anyone else remember getting banned from not so bizarre adventure?

  3. Been 20 seconds into the video and I already like this dude.

  4. the oldest jojo game is jojo alternate universe

  5. You just got star platinum the world it can ts by pressing H and it is legendary

  6. The way he showed the subscribers percentage is just how other YouTuber should do it

  7. i remember playing a jojo game back in 2013 where you just spawned in and picked a character
    at the time i hadn't read jojo, but did know jotaro could stop time so i just picked him every time and abused the hell out of him

  8. This game was made a day after the first game in this video. It's called JOJO'S BIZZARE ADVENTURE PHANTOM. You won't heart this.

  9. I’m gonna be honest, that barrage animation looks a lot better than ABD’s and some other standless barrages I see in a lot of ABD modded Jojo games.

  10. Oh hey, I used to be a mod on Not So Bizarre Adventure before it died. Good times, good times.

  11. Moral of the video:"what the frick?"

  12. Fact: my older brother made a jojo game in 2009 and he gave up with a punch animation

  13. bro you dont play as the stand your just a hamon user

  14. is that true
    i though first jojo game is PJJ

  15. There was a game named JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and it had a muscle building mechanic which was SUPER grindy

  16. Now play the oldest one piece game
    One Piece: Golden Age which is made by vetexgames in 2009.

  17. i played it and its actually really fun

  18. Dang first jojo game was made when i started play roblox

  19. You sound like kreek kraft if he had depression

  20. i actually played not so bizarre adventure when it had a stable 3-4 people playing, or even an entire group just chilling


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