The Most Addictive Roblox Games -

The Most Addictive Roblox Games

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The Most Addictive Roblox Games are literally promoted by Roblox itself, so today we play some of them from the most engaging tab. This was super fun to make and kind of insane to look in to, so enjoy some Roblox funny moments.
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This is is one of my standard Laughability funny moments videos. I play some good games and have some bad commentary.

Last time I Remade Roblox Adopt Me But WORSE and this time I look at some addicting roblox games like simulators from roblox’s most engaging tab.

I love play Roblox challenge games in 2020 that are weird or strange without a story game and even have trolling capabilities.

If this video gets 1,500 likes I’ll do something else like this.

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  1. Finally a video that actually has fun games without the channel beginning with the word "Roblox"

  2. Ya know the top engaging are not addictive people just afk for levels and that counts as hours played

  3. Don't lie,you only come for the "wHat iS pOpIn' gAmerS'

  4. Kids watching this: what’s crack and heroin?

  5. 0:00
    “What is popping gamers”
    “The bubbles”

  6. Im not a hater at all but ur a noob at plane crazy. I built a kidnap van

  7. 4:334:37 nah, even worse, imagine if that was a 10yo girl behind the keyboard.

  8. Hey remember when your name was stuck as mrflimflam

  9. Lol I got a Roblox ad before it started

  10. Me: Ahh rumble quest after 1 week of solo GRINDING im finally LV 203
    And now ill just wait for the next update

    Edit : also if you have a rpg type games pls reply me the name pls IM BORED I NEED THINGS TO CURE MY VIRUS CALLED BOREDOM

  11. For me the best game ever is Brookhaven

  12. I might get robux back to back since I did chores

  13. Making a working game is harder then getting robuxs

  14. i spent 24h playing blox fruits 🙂🔫

  15. bruh only shows 3 games (also I don't think it is addictive)

  16. im gonna pretend that i didnt saw your bizarre adventure beside the neighborhood of robloxia

  17. I don't have a problem, YOU have a problem for not liking the video. I'm gonna go play meth simulator irl now bye

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