The most dangerous roblox games.. ⚠️😰 #roblox #shorts -

The most dangerous roblox games.. ⚠️😰 #roblox #shorts

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  1. Swan location: can't get out.
    Me: turns of my computer. Done

  2. Dude i played swan location then i got trapped then i press my home button then went back to roblox its fake

  3. Ok Roblox this game a remote 😱😱😱😱

  4. I played no players online 2 I got stuck

  5. I play no one online but I not scare and no nightmares

  6. I playes swan location it just crushed me the I still joined roblox I want log out thank god

  7. "it traps you in the game"
    What if i just click the x button

  8. I played Swan location i was get trapped and i cant leave the game😱😱

  9. Plot twist: Swan location doesn't really do anything like everyone says it deletes your account but it is a myth it just gets you stuck until you leave

  10. Everybody should get a thousand million likes your favorite is Jaden please follow me

  11. Ok so first of all I played them all after this vid second of all nothing happened so what’s the point

  12. I am gonna try the first one should I?

  13. Bruh traps you in the game turn off your wifi

  14. i have dreamed of that game named swah locatioon

  15. What about crosswords that game automatically bans ur account

  16. The first one you need to fall into the black spawn point

  17. Does no player can give you nightmares forever?

  18. “Swan location”
    “Traps you in the game”
    “Power button, tabs, home button, PC, shut down button, disconnecting wifi, being idle for 20 minutes, switching to another app, nerds, books, homework, chores, parents.”
    “Are we useless to u??!!!”

  19. I played swan location bc this
    Edit: i dont have a computer is playdate ok on ipad

  20. "Can give you nightmares"
    :Me i dont breathe when i sleep not even boiling water can scave me when i sleep im just in a black room: guys im a boy people reply to me as girl anywars who things dors is scarier or ye tell me the scariest game u playes and

  21. I play swan location °⊙_⊙°

  22. The only way to leave the game that never lets you leave just free up MB then enter roblox your back again

  23. "Swan"
    Man knows the warrirors on ps2💀
    Also imma play no players online i dont sleep i have Arachnophobia + insomnia

  24. The most dangerous for me is 2016 tycoons bcs of my PC that cant take more than 5fps on a block game

  25. The play play no player online: he say will give nightmare why not give the name.of game will give you nightmare

  26. Me watching this and not having that much nightmares:👁👄👁✨💅🦋🍀💚

  27. I never Play Worldstar games but that looks scary

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