The Most IMMERSIVE NEW BLEACH Closed Community Game... (New 2022 Roblox Anime Games) -

The Most IMMERSIVE NEW BLEACH Closed Community Game… (New 2022 Roblox Anime Games)

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Probably the most fun I’ve had in a community game. Detergent is a breath of fresh air amidst most generic anime games on Roblox. Probably some of the most fun PVP I’ve played as well. Hope you guys enjoy this video❤️

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Lmk What games y’all wanna see next! Part 3?
Dm me at ShiverAway# 2676 If you want me to try your game!!!

Game Discord:

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  1. Shiver play unknown gaiden its basically nindo gaiden

  2. From what you showcased in Ur 1st vid and the intro detergent looks fire, but it's pretty hard to get In and it frustrating

  3. Closed community games feel better than public, their just more creative, fun, and interactive.

  4. Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 42 qualification m.l.t medical lab techniciano ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs

  5. W, I seen this game and I wanted to play, but ain't no way I was gettin in, glad you in it though so we don't have trash monkey youtubers making videos on it.

  6. The bird thing was used during rukia's execution in soul society

  7. 8:25 it's not that you can't grip in missions, it's just that the move you used auto grips (very easy to abuse when you're in a team fight to auto grip downed players also hi I'm Dante Cifer, the Legendary Hollowcar with 8 gates

  8. Nobody gonna talk about how he got vizare specs?

  9. Bathe in blood isn't rare you get 3 seal based off your stat you invested in

  10. Hey I recognize the Senbonzakura user in the intro… looks exactly like me…

  11. Nah shiver you down bad for going into squad 5 it’s the last one I’m going to build and lone is sped sometimes

  12. Beating a captain is crazy I guarantee next video on this game he gonna be a captain dude really a main character every game he play

  13. Hollow is pretty boring and gets dogged on by most sr- Edward #1 hollow creator

  14. who are the strongest people from each race: Soul reaper, Quincy and hollow

  15. I am now convinced that shiver has main character syndrome

  16. Kinda seems like a bleach shinden no hate I love any bleach game I just hope it doesn't cost money to play

  17. Oh im in their discord trying to get into the game

  18. Buso-Goma lmao u funny u said it wrong but u feel it 🥲, bro h beat a captain ain’t no way w game tho

  19. The game looks very different and more in depth than most game but to obtain tester is either sucking up, buying it or typing a 1000 words in the discord am not doing that but the game can definitely be underrated or be big one day when officially released

  20. Bro like 4 people got tester and game access because they twerked for it

  21. Ain't no way in any game this man is the main character he claps all

  22. Nah bro got so lucky getting dual swords those make you like 50 times more drippy

  23. I saw Shiver on the discord for his game and assumed he was making a video on it

  24. The casting mechanic is similar to rogue lineage

  25. 4:25 that's the place where rukia was bouta get executed cuz rukia remained unaccounted in soul society

  26. He has all the plot in every game but ninja way it's kinda crazy

  27. why can i see a admin script hack on your screen brother

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