the MOST POPULAR roblox games. #roblox #shorts -

the MOST POPULAR roblox games. #roblox #shorts

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  1. I played all of them i can't subscribe because my subcription is full

  2. Natural Disaster survival is the supreme game of roblox

  3. "19.1"b
    Me: wow even bigger than the world population 🗿💀

  4. The only things I don't like probably Brookhaven and adopt me, they're boring. I'd rather play a simulator

  5. Me when i saw this:BROTHERRR!! JOIN ME ON MEEP CITYMy brother:noMe:PLSSSS

  6. Not the kids game💀💀💀💀💀 meep city 💀💀💀💀

  7. Bro Things i only play at here is brookhaven xd

  8. Boi there is not even 100 billon people so cap

  9. you know, one time in piggy i started when it was released. i was in house 1, i was pissed cause i didin't know what to do, i got jumpscared, I WAS SCARED. MORE SCARED THEN THE TIME I WAS WATCHING "IT".

  10. My fav popular game:raise a floppa (my alt play raise a floppa also) raise a floppa 2

  11. Blox fruit has 5.5b visits even ppl playing on its 286k

  12. Players in roblox is higher than the real world population XD

  13. I used to play murder mystery but it was too laggy so I quitted it

  14. 19.4B for brookhaven hm? Then whats that count that says "256.3K" only hmm??

  15. I'm not a fan I play Minecraft😏

  16. But theres only 7b ppl on the planet..

  17. I play these all except for the meepcity one

    I still cant remember I was playing it when my grandma and dad were dying… anyways good video!

  19. bro.. why theres so many players theres only 7b people living in earth and why its like 28b people??

  20. I play piggy end meepcity

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