The Most Realistic ROBLOX Game is better than Call of Duty.. -

The Most Realistic ROBLOX Game is better than Call of Duty..

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DYSMO THE ROBLOX YOUTUBER HAS RETURNED! Today we check out the newly updated FRONTLINES on Roblox.. This game truly has blown me away with how realistic it looks considering it’s on the roblox engine.. better than call of duty? Enjoy 🙂

“I played the most Realistic Roblox game..”

*The most Realistic Roblox Game is back..” | Dysmo
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  1. roblox shooting games looks good best realistic best thing that bring roblox back

  2. okay frontlines may have realistic graphics, but it doesnt have realistic gun system the most realistic FPS game gotta be Deadline which has 1082 gun attachments

  3. I would recommend changing the the P2W mechanics and weapon progression system, instead maybe add in weapon blueprints, camos and other cosmetics people can pay for if they want. And a weapon progression system where the attachments unlock as you level up your gun instead. But overall it felt like a solid game Impressed they managed to push the engine this far.

  4. they had a buged of only 150,00 $ or something like that

  5. Is this reall is this reall im gna delet my roblox

  6. Gun animations and walking locomotions are ripped from COD no effort in game from devs besides making the anims and lighting work on the roblox engine.

  7. what was the last game he played in the vidoe

  8. Mobile players be like why is my phone burning 🧐 the game: I'm about this guys phone whole carrier

  9. I don't think this game is better than CoD, the roblox game engine is bad and not powerful

  10. Annoyed that these YTbers dont link the experience -.-;

  11. some guy : roblox is for kids
    me : playing frontline
    some guy : is that cod

  12. Bro cod gives me 30 fps but rblox gives 1 💀

  13. I feel you but if a game is bad I won’t support it but fps wise on console at least not many options

  14. i want to play cod but i have bad PC cant run

  15. Bro fps frontline roblox soo hig if you try him to play its loading so loww idk why but my network stronger and this loading soo loww idk why i think its glitch or bug and this loading so loww and this frontline so hig fps its warning gusy i,m remember you 👍👌

  16. bro paying robux to a game he probally would never play again

  17. What i love with the gameplay is that it gives source 2 vibes

  18. I played it on PS5. Great game but zero aim assist!

  19. Bro you say this shit is better than call of duty? 😂

  20. Na bruh you know ea be going heavy on the microtransactions if roblox is hitting harder than triple a titles

  21. They had $500 000 to make the game

  22. Dysmo, i think you should check out RIOTFALL, its a extremely realistic shooting game, with more realistic movement and gameplay then frontlines.

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