The Most Violent Game on Roblox w/KindaGoodMeal -

The Most Violent Game on Roblox w/KindaGoodMeal

Roblox Arcade
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Shrek 5

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  1. This isn’t the most violent. Bloody battle is.

  2. Bruh I just found u Ruben sim made a post

  3. To enjoy is kinda good video you need a kindagoodmeal with a kinda good positive COVID 19 test

  4. Is good or bad

    Is good because is the most violent game in roblox…

  5. Bro I also play runker51 username:BURNINGFIRE5601

  6. Duuuude I used to watch you guys so much back in like 2015,
    I'm so glad that you guys are back 😀

  7. No its not shut up people work hard on this don't talk shit to him

  8. You’re the most underrated roblox youtuber I know

  9. Phantom forces with rtx blood effects: You dare oppose me, mortal?

  10. games like verdigo, those who remain and bloodfest are nothing compared to this game

    disclaimer this is satira

  11. It's a violent game with the most toxic cringy members and youtubers

  12. You guys wondered how the cat piano got approved. Well I may or may not have found the code for a certain NSFW picture that cannot be found by search


    I did not make it, a guy on electric state just gave me it

  13. Holy crap your content is really entertaining. Csn't believe i only found this channel just now. Keep up the good work.

  14. Damn, I literally may had the opportunity to clap ya two down, but was too fucking lazy to play Runker, LMFAO, good video anyways!

  15. this guy is kinda stupid ngl, theres so much more violeny games :/

  16. Its not that violent. I mean like roblox has gore and they even support it XD

  17. It makes me happy that you're finally uploading again! I remember watching Roblox Arcade all the way back in 2014 and I still have the nostalgia 😀

  18. All the dislikes are from the people who actually thought the pit gave people robux.

  19. Some Times ruben sim and his friends kinda deserve to be banned from roblox

  20. I don’t think the 1000 robux was worth it

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