The New 2022 Roblox Naruto Game Is Too Good! 🔥 -

The New 2022 Roblox Naruto Game Is Too Good! 🔥

Red Weeb
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The New 2022 Roblox Naruto Game Is Too Good! 🔥

a new roblox naruto game that includes many kekkei genkai like sharingan based off of uchiha clan, rinnegan based off of pain, sage mode based off of naruto uzumaki, and many more kekkei genkai like genjutsu, taijutsu, the uchiha clans susanoo itachis mangekyo sharingan amaterasu boruto roblox. In Roblox naruto, The game is really nice and its good too see that we have a new roblox naruto game that has been released for us to play. The game has many cool features that no other naruto roblox game has

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  1. it still only got 174k visits like i swaer it at least should be on one of the top rows in the front page

  2. Why when I went to the comment section there was 666 comments?

  3. You sound like your recording your voice while watching the clips

  4. i go to play it and dosent even start i load in and then it just stops

  5. the ninja way was made in like 2019 or 2020 it got shut down becuse it got copy righted.

  6. He legit said he’s not picking bacon hair he doesn’t wanna be a noob he hates bacons

  7. more excited about bloxfruit's new brother that's a naruto game

  8. Shindo life use to be called shinobi life and was a Naruto game

  9. This game isnt new,it's been out for 5 years..

  10. this game is dog water i have no idea what to do i just quit instantly

  11. would you like this anti spiral clones to use susanoo or not youre choice

  12. When you said blue eyes i just thought blue eyes white dragon instantly.

  13. About shindo life. Everything is based around naruto and boruto. But they also add other fun stuff thats not so naruto/boruto

  14. Red weeb when you were doing the chuning exam your health was 1

  15. Fav animes Naruto dragon ball z demon slayer Jojo bizarre adventure

  16. honestly this game has a lot of potentital and i rl hope they keep adding things to the game new changes some things are ussual some are not am exicted

  17. my name is frank and an npc has my name red weeb ur the best

  18. that intro of game reminds me of pokemon brick bronze

  19. lol my guy literaly didn't see the close button

  20. Do ninja tycoon
    Pls play diss is fun to play

  21. Bro the sindo life is the best naruto game in roblox

  22. The cover of this video is wrong because Sasuke lost his arm

  23. bro did you call narutos hair uchihas hair? ayo do you know naruto?

  24. That was probably re released or something because I remember that game from longer than 3 months

  25. These Niggas didn't learn from Rell Games…

  26. i actually played this game about maybe 1 year and half ago and the kekkei genkai system was stupid

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