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  1. I’m from dummies vs noob because of potoe the guy who make music for DVN start make music for combat initiation

  2. All the bosses are inspired by Ultrakill bosses
    Jason = Swordsmachine
    Captain = V2
    Cannon = Hideous Mass
    Vagabond = Ferryman
    Probably some more but I have to try it

  3. Combat initiation is the game name not for mobile can’t access on mobile/iPad/phone

  4. Wooo! I’m in da vid!

    Edit: never mind must’ve not used the footage I was BrickBattler 🙁

  5. 3:47 bros in the wrong game (that's sword machine from ultrakill im prtty sure

  6. here's a tip go to settings change ur controls for dash then press the control thing and change it to q if it is uncomfortable because its under ur wasd moving keys

  7. For the kids who are too dumb not to check the desc: the game is called combat initiation, pc only, for you iPad kids.

  8. was the name of the game!!!! U don't say it to the first intro………

  9. Holy shit my friend helped make this game, I'm happy you got to find it.
    Sending him this video right now, lol.

  10. I freaking knew there was something about ULTRAKILL

  11. vagabond is easy just camp at the tower he spawns at or the red tower and use multi rocket launcher and if u have clone deploy use it that makes this boss fight so much easier

  12. Ты топ ни то что другие

  13. I like what there is no blood st thos game🥰

  14. Bro I love your content but your laugh hurts me

  15. i played this game the ending is E P I C DEFINETLY reccomended

  16. tip for corny: you can parry gunman shots by swinging the sword at it last second (or when it is in range)

  17. why is the game kinda like combat warriors. like the map and similar play style etc etc.

  18. I had alr played the first game 😭😭😭

  19. I didnt enjoy it cuz i dont have anyone to play with

  20. This doesn’t seem like a game that will get too popular, most games like this get like 30k-50k concurrent players max and then just die out
    if defend the statue died out then this will too

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