The New Roblox Pokemon Game Looks AMAZING But... -

The New Roblox Pokemon Game Looks AMAZING But…

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  1. While trying to watch this I saw a ripoff pokemon ad XD

  2. that the reason they have custom pokemons so they dont get deleted it can only be sued if it uses every pokemon in the real one and same music but the name is a problem tho

  3. If nintendo does something to this game im gonna be pretty angry

  4. If the story isn’t good, I won’t play it.

  5. It will be a big plot twist id they announce a collar with pokemon bro 💀

  6. I’m not gonna grind it just for it to get taken down because I remember Pokémon brick bronze on Roblox that was the best game on Roblox and it got taken down sucked so much

  7. What the game name?????
    I like Pokémon game

  8. News: They change it and remove all the original Pokémon designs and replace it with their own. The new game name is tales of tenorio. The game is likely to release in late 2022 or early 2023.

  9. you do know that pokemon brick bronze is still out you have to join a discord server for it but it goes down and up all the time

  10. They use the Pokemon showdown rights so I do believe it should be fine to stay up if it's non profit. I don't think its gonna get taken down unless Nintendo cares about stolen assets. It wouldn't be hard for them to just take out or reskin everything that's copyrighted

  11. when is it gonna be released? I'm excited

  12. abt you cannot get sued for smt if you do not make profit and if you give credit

  13. Creators make an amazing looking game

    Pokémon: and I took that personally

  14. I feel like Nintendo started some sort of war which caused fans to go: Nah, you took away Brick Bronze from us, now you gotta suffer new game

  15. This brings back memories from brick bronze

  16. They can js name it sum thats not w pokemon monster fighters ex are up and using pokemon

  17. As someone who used to be part of a ROBLOX Pokemon game dev team, yeah, no they aren't getting past this. Roblox is vicious enough to the point where if a game has even less then 100 players active, it likely won't pass by it even if there is seemingly no Pokemon from the thumbnail and such. Even with the revived version of the game which most of the original team wasn't a part of, which usually had less then 50 players, they got wind of it somehow, and I've seen this be the case for many other Pokemon game revival attempts.

  18. They should add the ur dad Pokémon: imagination

  19. its rlly ez there is new function to were they can keep ur date everytime the game goes down so they can just keep reuploading it

  20. If Nintendo lets this go on pbb didn’t deserve it

  21. Them removing all the pokemon is a big turnoff for me. If I wanted to play a monster catching game that wasn't pokemon, I'd be playing that. I was interested in this because of it being a pokemon game.

  22. Imagine if they decide to make mega evolution or something like that for their custom pokemon

  23. You know its bad when roblox has better graphics than actual pokemon

  24. i guess it will be a game where you have to beat the game before it gets deleted

  25. when is the game coming out tho or is it out alredy

  26. they can just keep reuloadeing it just like they are doing with pokemon brick bronze

  27. Pis do not. Sue, We cannot get a perfect pokémon game. On Roblox please Nintendo let This happened

  28. Its prob gonna be taken down by nintendo they shouldnt ban it they put so much work into it and it will just get deleted

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