the "ROBLOX Horror Games Iceberg", explained -

the “ROBLOX Horror Games Iceberg”, explained

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In this video, I cover an iceberg chart about horror games on ROBLOX. This iceberg does also include a few myths and other semi-related things. I hope you enjoy, as this video was in the works on & off for almost 6 months.

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The iceberg image:

ccomrrade – helped with background footage
yletea – appears in background footage
D2LTA – appears in background footage
careful4k – appears in background footage
– appears in background footage
– appears in background footage
– i used background footage from this person
– i used background footage from this person

Things I said I would link in the description:
Video about PM 6:06 (updated) –
Surrealism, the 2011 version –
Surrealism, the 2015 version –
Video about ROBLOX Footage Archives –
My video about the “Robloxian Spirits” –

0:00 intro
00:22 tier 1
05:18 tier 2
12:01 tier 3
16:35 tier 4
20:13 tier 5
28:21 tier 6
31:37 tier 7
35:10 tier 8

Music List:
Outro Music:

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  1. You should have added limbobbia
    This game can be f***ing terrifying at some point

  2. I played that corn guy game 3 times and beat it and never seen the corn guy what does he look like

  3. 6:39 when I heard clone trooper I got so excited but honestly I wish this guy would actually have clone trooper armor

  4. the legends says that he still holds the record for the longest voice crack in the world

  5. Koop killer is more scary than the mimic!1!1!!1!1

  6. I remember this horror game. You started in a wooden room with a windows infront of you and a radio the rest that I remember is that it was like about aliens and that it no longer works

  7. I hope someone recreates Hospital Nightmare, it was so good and young un's need to know what it was

  8. Nico’s Nextbots, Evade, Aprephobia and DOORS.

  9. is “duck” on this list? i remember that game, where you have to find the key in a big server but the power goes out and “duck” comes to kill people.

  10. i used to call the song at 6:10 the bing barn song, WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING OF WHEN I WAS YOUNGER LIKE A

  11. Bruh have any of y’all played Garfield’s inferno? Definitely look at it it’s very interesting to say the least 😭

  12. I thought I'd never see R.U.N. mentioned anywhere ever again. Love these thoroughly researched videos

  13. 7:30 imo 'one in the chamber' was better than any other russian roulette games on roblox

  14. I feel like noone knew The Normal Elevator. It was the game that every elevator game got inspired from

  15. Bro this luigis mansion dark moon music gives me nostalgia also im glad Light Bulb and Party.exe werr recognized

  16. Actually, the horror song each game uses is from an ancient mozambique eas alarm

  17. My most fond memory of old roblox was when the Error 45229 game was popular and had a lot of people in it and Guest 666 joined

  18. You know you are a roblox expert if you familiar with the most or all games listed here.

  19. 11:17 i has nightmares beacuse of this, don't ask me why…. Theres something really obscure in it…. Daisy's destruction…

    also mm2 isnt
    and break in
    ok not horror (that ive played): FTF, MM2, Break In, survival the killer (i dont even need to play it to know), insert more here as i watch

  21. Lol theres no way mm2 and flee the facility are horror games

  22. I wouldn’t consider Murder Mystery a horror game TBH.

  23. The spectre is a kinda famous but really good horror game

  24. i miss playing possession tbh

    it used to be my favorite game to play back in 2013-2014

  25. Listening this guy speak makes me wanna clear my throat-

  26. Survive and kill the killers in Area 51 is the scariest game ever crafted 😳

  27. imagine someone with Kalampokiphobia listening to the It’s corn! Song at all volume, in a corn maze. That’s just torture

  28. 36:33 “also the jumpscare is Justin Bieber because it’s 2011”

  29. I think on BEAR the bear was Me because I remember chasseing a rainbow dude like that and seeing a that cat avatar.

  30. I totally remember "Survival The Among Us the" being the scariest game on roblox

  31. I was obsessed with the Kool Killer game when I was a kid! I miss it so much.

    ROBLOX is partly responsible for my love of horror and there are three games that weren’t on the iceberg that I’d like to mention. First was Vampire Roleplay, which I’ve probably played more than any other ROBLOX game (if I’m not mistaken it still exists under a different name and map).
    The second one is one of the maps for the 2008 Halloween event. It was an obby that, upon completion, gifted you The Riddling Skull. I’ll never forget my shock and excitement seeing The Riddling Skull suddenly appearing in my items and it remains one of my favorite ROBLOX hats to this day.
    The last one is a game that for the life of me I can’t remember the title of, but it was essentially an adventure horror murder mystery game that used an advanced version of Shedletsky’s Haunted Mansion Map and involved all the ROBLOX mods getting axed by a killer that turned out to be Clockwork. At the time it was the most advanced ROBLOX game I’d ever seen.

  32. I may make a part 2 with more horror games in the future, so leave some suggestions of games that I left out in the comments below. 🙂

    – I somehow managed to fail correcting myself on the "Undead Coming" place visits, it's actually 300,000 place visits. I mistyped in both the script AND the correction subtitle.
    – You don't escape the map in Bear is if there was an exit, to "escape" you have to survive until the time is up. I worded it wrong in the narration

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