The Story of Roblox's #1 Game -

The Story of Roblox’s #1 Game

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Download World of Tanks with this link!!
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− Cromwell B (tier 6) British premium medium tank
− 250k credits
− 7 days premium access

3 rental tanks for 10 battles each:
− Tiger 131 (Tier 6) German heavy tank
− T78 (Tier 6) American tank destroyer
− Type 64 (Tier 6) Chinese premium light tank

And possibly 10K robux??

This is the full ORIGIN, STORY and RISE of Roblox’s #1 game, Blox Fruits! A game that is widely considered to be the BIGGEST on Roblox. We’ll being going over its humble origin story and insane rise to the #1 spot on Roblox, thanks to a talented team of devs and a MASSIVE community finding ways to push the game’s limits and make Roblox history. Let’s see how this story unfolds… hope you enjoy!

This is a Roblox Blox Fruits glitches/history video.

20,000 likes would be cool 🙂



  1. username: Silver_Knows
    I subbed and downloaded!

  2. Bro 20.1 billions visit complete I think a new shop like update come like valentines update but different

  3. Me and my brother played this together fall 2019!

  4. Bloxfruits gotta be the worst game ive ever played

  5. 💙O̸s̸ D̸i̸j̸i̸d̸e̸r̸ 2̸7̸6̸1̸❤ says:

    the 2 randoms guys TOTALLY DIDNT WERE MR BEAST FRIENDS..

  6. I know devs put much effort in game but right now (in my opinion) its just bandit beater with toxic community

  7. Started the game in 2020 when the raid comes out

  8. Everyone especially cubeINC projectsuprem want a story nowwww pls make him a story he deserves it

  9. He was the biggest successful game in roblox❤

  10. adopt me only thing is teaching kids about scams n how life sucks sometimes

  11. This is a great video but please make the ad at the end of the video

  12. I have been playing World of Tanks since 16 March 2021
    Can I still win the 10k Robux? l0l

  13. A massive community comprised of 90% asains

  14. Yes, the devs managed to keep the game alive and well (gotta give it to em) but little did they know they’ve plagued the minds of us Vietnamese with that game. If someone ever mentions Roblox, the only thing they know is just Blox Fruits 💀. Moreover, they will put reviews abt BLOX FRUITS and not related to roblox itself on the game’s store page. Hết cứu 😅

  15. I started playing Blox Fruits in Update 13, Christmas Update

  16. No shot he just called me beast's crew random guys like bru

  17. the creator of one of my fav games long ago is the creator of blox fruits ?! I never noticed it xd

  18. god I love elemental wars I wish it was still arouns

  19. User name : pangijac
    I subbed and downloaded it


  21. 0:30 what the hell is that chess board… first of all the board is 8 by 8, the most bottom right and most upper left squares are always white, you got the chess pieces from the toolbox, there is 16 pieces they wont fit into 2 by 9 area, the damn pieces aren't even centered. imagine if I even look at the math crap in there.

  22. This guy to me felt like a Gaming Teacher

  23. Elemental Battlegrounds is such a nostalgic game, it was literally the first one I played at the beggining of my Roblox route and I miss it so much. Yeah I realize it is almost completely dead and nobody playing it for now, but still, I hope Gamer Robot will update it some day. I remember the times updates weren't released like for a year or even more and I was so excited to look onto the new update. So I joined their discord server and asked about the updates delay, and they said that there's almost no developers to develop EBG. I miss the old days so much man 😭❤

  24. You know a developer is a genius when one of their games (elemental battleground) is still surviving after being neglected for years. I think it is actually a masterpeice.
    Also 8:44 hmmm low level players breaking into high level seas. I feel like they repeated this mistake somewhere else…

  25. Dude Elemental Wars was GREAT when it came out. I remember me and my brother used to grind on that every day


    Bloz fruits itd on another level😊

  27. I didn't know chandler and Karl played blox fruits

  28. Yeah Leo so op but not fair on pvp

  29. Ngl i was one of the sad fans who didn't get an elemental battleground
    Update and actually love the game.

    I didn't play bloxfruits because i stop playing Roblox beacuz of ebg
    But after my friends force me to play it i did and i was the best game ever made in roblox. And beacuase of bloxfruits i spent my first ever money for a perm fruit❤️.

    I love both games

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