Theres No Way This Night Shift Horror Game Was Made In Roblox (Random Roblox Games) -

Theres No Way This Night Shift Horror Game Was Made In Roblox (Random Roblox Games)

Kubz Scouts
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This roblox game legit looks like Chilla’s Art The Convenience store game..I also checked out two roblox games before the main dish

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  1. You can actually get a badge in the short creepy stories one, if you go to the back theres a ladder and when you get up nobu will be up there

  2. JAYY PLEASE PLAY THE MURDER MINE FROM ROBLOX the game really looks like Puppet Comb game style vibe!!!! 🔥

  3. as a small youtuber im so sad he got more subs than me 🥲

  4. i want to plsy this game what is it called because i tried to serch it and nothing came

  5. 17:27 they say intermittent, waves, scatter i think i google translated so it might be wrong😭

  6. The monster from Scream actually wasn't suppose to have a name, however after one of the characters (adlibbing their lines apparently) called him Ghost Face in the film the name kind of stuck and now everyone calls him Ghost Face.

  7. Your video had me and my aunt cackling ever 5 seconds 🤣

  8. Bro you should really play intruder, really nice game and is heavily suggested

  9. Please prevent taking The name of The Lord in vain 🤍

  10. I had to punch a hole through my wall to feel manly again.

  11. Jay you gotta play don't get sniffed on roblox it's amazing😂please I tthink itll make you laugh

  12. The way the girl or whatever was sitting in front of the door 😭😭

  13. Jay leaving the doors open in the 3rd game made me so anxious 😭

  14. "Yo, that's so freakin scary! *continues to laugh*"

  15. I love you so much Jay, you've got me through my hardest times

  16. The game: leave your sensitive

    Jay: but u get ✨CONTENT✨

  17. You all heard him he said cutie 🧏🏼‍♀️

  18. Jay should continue this series tbh

  19. 7:35 I can confirm that people really do just be shitting on floors. One time this guy shook his leg and it came out. Then when someone was cleaning it he came back around to look at them

  20. Ayo that dog player from the first game kinda bad tho😏

    Edit: Yes I am mentally unstable😂😅

  21. Here is a game recomandation Jay you should play clock in from roblox too

  22. That looks like you’re playing backrooms

  23. 😂😂😂 im so shock 🙀😂😂😂😂😂😂

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