these roblox games are based on TRAGEDIES... -

these roblox games are based on TRAGEDIES…

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these roblox games are based on TRAGEDIES…

today we check out some roblox games based on real life TRAGEDIES, of course this video is simply for education purposes only and I do not condone any of the games featured in this video. The amazing digital circus characters is your ticket to an unparalleled online experience, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. Immerse yourself in a world of innovation, creativity, and cute characters that redefine the circus of the digital age.

i forgot to give credit, but credit to this roblox creator named flush!! i love his videos

► Game: Crosswinds by asimo3089

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  1. Games rated if offensive or innocent. i means innocent o means offensive.

    1st: o
    2nd: i
    3rd: i
    4th: o
    5th: o
    6th: i

  2. Bro play sos titanic is much better the roblox titanic

  3. It's Wild How I Played Unit 1968 Just Yesterday And Got No Kills😭😭

  4. You really like flush’s video ideas, don’t ya? Great video otherwise, though.

  5. They forgot about stephen hawking so i gave it 2/10

  6. blud is mad at tisyam 💀

  7. I’ve actually played the titanic one and it’s actually really well made and I like it a lot

  8. I know a tragedy, the tragedy of darth plaguis the wise

  9. Half of these are jokes dark ones infact

  10. "why" hm because we people want to feel what others felt it's a basic urge of humans uncommon urge in teenagers as i want to feel the experience of ww1 and i know i would be depressed but the experience can change a man for the good or bad

  11. I have eaten 98 stranger’s refrigerator without their permission

  12. Schlep the titanic game is my favorite game because it tries to recreate it they also have the britanic I probably spelt that wrong

  13. the only tragedy is you making these types of videos repetitively

  14. Schlep if you say "PLANE" multiple times in the tower recreation you will get kicked out of the game just a cool feature i wanted you to know

  15. L + you support someone who has cp on their hard drive

  16. I have a awesome and underrated game that you could play in the backgrounds of videos.

    Its called "Impact Platforming" by BrainDead_Dev, its a very small game that came out January 2nd 2024.

    If you ever decide to play this game for background footage, it's highly recommened by me, and others to play the tutorial, the controls are simple but could get confusing at times. 👍

  17. 5:55 we just bought more land in the metaverse
    now we're getting paid in cash with atlas globe

  18. The kids on epstien Island coming soon epic song

  19. Operation rolling thunder, another Vietnam game

  20. dude, you didnt play my real life tragedy game

  21. Just about a month after the sinking of Titanic, a movie about it was made. In recent times, just 12 hours after the first plane hit the north tower, the first 9/11 game was released in NewGrounds.

  22. I'm late, don't I?
    Anyways, can we appreciate when he uploads? He's making a very good content and a very bri'ish person.

  23. The veitnam war was not a tragedy it was caused by mankind it’s a war

  24. flexing to all my friends that i was here before 10k

  25. Imagine if there was one about George Floyd.

  26. Trying to figure out what tragedy Financial District's is : Hmmm…TWIN TOWERS NO PLANES PLEASE

  27. I wonder when they will make the Britannic and the Lusitania which I think is a…a um.. P A N C A K E.

  28. Dude the twin towers set is soo detailed and good its like a memorial inside a digital game respect+W to the creator

  29. wheni red the title i though it was goingto be those videos based off real audio ;-;

  30. the 2nd game isnt based off a tragedy its in 1992 💀

  31. Umm Actually people died in these tragedies so it is offensive 🤓☝️

  32. Do you know the person who walked between the towers was actually a 18-year-old kid named Philippe petit

  33. i fr thought that the unit 1968 was about my lai💀

  34. cool thing the left tower in Financial District in real life there was a music video film there its call rollin its cool

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