These ROBLOX games can make you quit ROBLOX! -

These ROBLOX games can make you quit ROBLOX!

Death Dollie
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  1. Ya something like tower of hell it gets me so so mad that I drop it on the floor 😠 I get so mad 😡

  2. Da hold is not gonna make you quit roblox and that’s are you play

  3. Kaiju paradise also, There will basically be Culture/Army’s,Like imagine you got NC And get it for Beastary But an Whole swarm of People Attacks

  4. Da hood

    Edit: Ik it! I called it
    I've never seen a shooter game more toxic than da hood
    1. Exploiters or gangs team w cops to target ppl w high bountys
    2. Most of the time it's an entire gang harassing 1 person
    3. U could be minding ur own business not bothering anyone at all & ppl will still kill u for literally no reason at all

  5. I play tower of hell and it didn't quit me

  6. Tower of hell so out of hand it means i hate tower of hell

  7. My kid always rages when ever she falls in tower of hell

  8. Tower of hell always makes me wanna get off the game and just throw my phone in the ocean but I’m glad I don’t do that

  9. 2nd and Please Play Super skyward tower plsss

  10. 𝖐𝖔𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖓 𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖊𝖛𝖊𝖗🇰🇷 says:


  11. steakyclipskayleeSuperFanofsteak💗 says:

    Nice video 😂😂

  12. Dollie kreekcraft did a video on you he said you were dead from a unexpected car crash but before the car crash your mother passed away.. then you went crazy then got straight to hacking people on Roblox. After that roblox deleted your Roblox bio which was unexpected aswell! Then TikTok banned your account and then your sister Eli had made a whole another account and her bio said “rest and peace dollie my sister my name is Eli. He watched some TikTok’s about you and the TikTok had been lying to him it said death dollie had died from a car accident but then Roblox deleted Her account then Her brother but idk if you have one but she said your brother took over your account! And that’s all I know to deathdollie!

  13. For Me, Sometime In Tower Of Hell (I Love It!) But Da Hood SUCKS

  14. Yes you zoo in Oklahoma 😏😡😨🤬😳🤔

  15. For real tower of hell is sooo hard the hardest one in Roblox

  16. i've played she's right but i've never really quited

  17. no no no my brother plays dahood and he has been playing it for two years

  18. I agree with toh I was playing it yesterday and I kept falling and I was screaming no matter what

  19. I quit all of the games because there are very bad and equals pay to win

  20. OMG MY CHICKEN JUST SHOWED UP! HE ESCAPED! good luck for me catching him

  21. Bedwars too
    Bro that made me extreme anger then I smash my bed
    And blox fruit
    BC of toxic players thinking they better then you

  22. In da hood the guys aim rip bro call him and train him

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