They made a Roblox video calling game... -

They made a Roblox video calling game…

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Today I play a Roblox game called Ro-Meet where you anonymously talk to eachother so I invited my fans and it got weird


  1. I hate rommet there was a girl she called me and said hi ugly swears and said bye choke you look like your mom and ugly and stuff

  2. Other people advertising their merchandise : you should buy my merch is the best!
    Flamingo : G I V E M E M O N E Y

  3. Says to another noob he’s just begging for Roblox him asking for money

  4. I met an online dater there in my 3rd call-

  5. I keep laughing when the dude is keep saying it hot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Yes spectrum sucks it’s worse than a potato

  7. They will come to your home pov of the the one thats taking to you lol

  8. IMAO my guy u dont realize that your trash just remember that u literally are not entertaining your boring and cringe and dry u dont even like ur fans comment so like maybe stop being cringe and dry and just be entertaining bro

  9. The other-people wanna talk to you and your like go meet satan

  10. dam there’s a Jojo reference in omegla rip off “Hey hey hey”

  11. gumpa wo ha senpai e! gumpa gumpa senpai-~ gumpa gumpa senpai-~ |this is weird-

  12. the clock is ticking smile 🙂 = they have not much time left

  13. rhrhrhrh AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i love when he SAY THISS

  14. The bacon hair in the thumbnail looks like eteled.

  15. The guy that said NERD hes wrong he only had one time with flamingo

  16. 4:04 ikr? Spectrum internet is so bad I wish we could go to another provider like AT&T

  17. “Wonder women more like wonder bread”
    I was dying so hard when I heard it

  18. They used ur thumbnail for a ad,did they get ur permission?

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