They made this ROBLOX GAME BLOODY.. -

They made this ROBLOX GAME BLOODY..

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  1. Sketch check out combat warriors it’s a super bloody game you don’t haft to but if can will you make a video about it ?

  2. Combat warriors is the most bloodiest game

  3. "This is our mountain"
    Communist Music playing

  4. hi sketch i wanted to tell you that i havent watched you over 3 or 4 years


    My friend just threw you off the edge

  6. He doesent realize someone uppercut him in the jaw so he passed out

  7. I love sketch says "i will turn you into shish kabob"

  8. Thanks for bringing my memories back i played this in 2019

  9. Your funny sketch 😂😂😂👾😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. if you want to try another bloody game i recomend combat warriors

  11. I recommend heading back to this game, some things have changed, people liked the video, and you gave a smaller developer good publicity.

  12. This video should be inappropriate

  13. I wonder what sketch looks like in real life

  14. A average family friendly channel playing a group violence bloody game what a normal day

  15. Sketch, great vid, I laughed so much. Please never stop making vids

  16. Sketch:tub
    A sus guy:who else is going in the bathtub;)
    Me:*calls the irs fbi navy police military*

  17. Bro i am very Lucky im sub on your channel

  18. this aint bloody if you want bloody play combste warriors

  19. 3:54 the way he said "ima make u a shishkabab" 🤣🤣😂😂

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