This BRAND NEW Roblox JOJO Game is Actually VERY FUN! -

This BRAND NEW Roblox JOJO Game is Actually VERY FUN!

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This BRAND NEW Roblox JOJO Game is Actually VERY FUN!

Sub Goal : 🔥125,000🔥


Roblox Group:

Discord :


Intro Music:
Outro Music:

Join my discord server, I have a channel for all the songs I use.


  1. Thank you, almost 125k subs, comment some dares or questions for my next dares video!

    Good morning, afternoon, evening or night!

  2. Doesn't it fell nice seeing the game you recommended

  3. imagine not having r63 mr what a clown. (jk)

  4. Kira: I’m to strong. You will never defeat me
    Regular players: this isn’t canon
    Kira: fudge

  5. i cant talk to the first cop for some reason

  6. i cant even play the game due to my ping going to 15k – 150k everytime i join, even the assets would be loaded and my net would be perfectly fine yet i spikes up. I even tried the less textured setting yet barely anything happened. i hope they fix the lag spikes soon enough bcuz i rlly want to play this masterpiece

  7. Guys did not see da baby in corner of intro?

  8. I played this and the first skin I got was a 5 star r63 magician red LOL then I got Spiderman skin i don't know what stand

  9. Damn i remember when ya had 26k subs when playing Aut

  10. this game made me sad, I tried it and because of my garbage computer I can't play it 🙁 hopefully I get a new one soon,can't wait to play this

  11. Doesn't anybody notice that most of the stand models are from a bizarree day??

  12. hey HW try out Project Heritage its pretty underrated

  13. I dare you to play mimic and complete any chapter on game

  14. Day 1 asking for my dream fruit
    Dream fruit:dragon
    🙂 thx❤

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