This Creepy Roblox Game Knows Too Much -

This Creepy Roblox Game Knows Too Much

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today i’m playing 3 scary roblox games again..
i don’t know about the third game

music used in this video:

the games:

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  1. 14:18 ich werde jetzt jede tür in Deutschland und Amerika durchsuchen🤓

    did I say it correct?
    I couldn’t use copy&paste so I typed it out

  2. These videos are like a pill it’s addicting I love these vids 👀

  3. I'm still wondering how bro finds these games

  4. Jim's computer:
    Jim has commit suicide.

  5. The text on the second day said:

    The customer is very important, the customer will be followed by the customer.
    He just needs no money, he needs a football, he needs a vehicle. CNN
    wisdom and poison will follow. Children spend time at the pool or running. present
    not a moron, nor even an eleifend accumsan. In the not real bed, not the easy tort.
    Vivamus laoreet luctus elit. The time is flattering with two proteins from the bow.
    The pulvinar pain nor the turpis dignissim pulvinar. They present the arrowhead
    ullamcorper But now I have a problem with my hearing. Some football
    Lion. Tomorrow there will be no leave from the hospital. Don't just bow, he needs it now
    football, hendreridum bed. Duis and if not football great members of the policy.
    Mauris tincidunt, sem in congue feugiat, ex pure ullamcorper fear, vitae gate felis
    Nibh needs an urn. Diseases and medical conditions. Proin aliquet vulputate ipsum, a laoreet fear
    football vehicles Proin sagittis author lorem, at sollicitudin fear sad in. Until the hospital
    eros, a loan or a lake who, the laoreet placerat turpis. In dui a free dignissim homework
    It is a great sadness and fear of the employee.

  6. I look for videos and this is the first thing I see

  7. It said
    "You are
    i was scared cuz its real

  8. Omg! I just realized

    Sting is the best 😀

  9. "look around you. this room. the door. the computer. the house next door. none of it is real I made this world I made you." I've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty

  10. The Survey actually uses some information that you out on your account, like if you put Canada as ur country itll say "Are you from Canada?" Yeah i stopped playing after that

  11. Play "the intruder" I thought that it was a cool game. If you don't watch anything about it, it could be considered scary lol

  12. It is almost eleven, dead of the night and I’m with my light off laying on my side with my bed having no wall against it but ngl i ain’t scared 😙✌️ (what’s funny is that all that is true except for the fact I am terrified to turn over)

  13. start survey really tests you if you actually felt that

  14. hey sting I know some German guten tag

  15. On the game haunted staircase DO NOT LOOK AT IT WHAT EVERY YOU DO DO NOT LOOK AT IT

  16. When I played "Start Survey" and it asked me to open the folder where it said the city I lived in, I fell off my chair😭

  17. Woah, underrated youtuber. Hope you get big someday, I also have a game suggestion. This is one of the most underrated games on Roblox and its called Isle. It deserves a whole series on it for how massive the game is.


  19. you should check out a roblox game called Glitch by ZacAttackk, it was made back in 2011 and it isn't very well made, but it managed to scare the shit out of me as a 10 year old child

  20. sting play it lurks next and submarine simulator
    it's epik I promise

  21. Legit for the first game it made me so uneasy I was watching with my phone at arms length away

  22. Jim's computer looks like it has a reference ngl… If Jim has a REDACTED and shown its item is the gun.

    It's mandela catalogue reference.

  23. I’ve been around ur channel since 2K subs, and I still actively watch your content and actually enjoy it…

  24. I played this game it knows where I live 😢

  25. Oh yeah on night 4 at the end when you randomly sleep you were supposed to get spooked because the closet on the right opened suddenly but you looked away at the last second :/

    Overall I wish you had a bigger reaction to Jim’s computer cause it is probably one of my favorite roblox horror games but oh well lmao

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