This game keeps getting taken down... (ROBLOX RAISE A FLOPPA SITUATION EXPLAINED) -

This game keeps getting taken down… (ROBLOX RAISE A FLOPPA SITUATION EXPLAINED)

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How’s it going guys, SharkBlox here,

This Roblox game called raise a floppa 👋, keeps getting taken down, content deleted and re-uploaded. In today’s video I explain everything that’s going on and why this keeps happening!

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Real Group:

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  1. herrdracula got banned 🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎇🎇✨✨🎇🎆🎆🐱🐱

  2. if roblox keeps doing raise a floppa open, closed, open, closed, open, closed, open, closed, open, closed, open, closed, open, closed, open, closed, open, closed, i will quit

  3. big offended my avatar is a floppa to support FLOPPA#1 and shirroshogun THE ORIGINAL but he keeps taking it down for fakes and now us floppas ME are big offend

  4. roblox is targeting a game of a innocent cat how sad

  5. "as you can see the game got banned in april now its march" 😂 I think he means it got banned in april and now its may.

  6. a game thats original and innocent
    roblox: no thats being banned
    a game that stole all of the assets and audio and stole a game
    roblox: okay thats good!

  7. Roblox is so dumb they can’t even figure out the difference between the original creator and the fake creators

  8. Roblox takes down good games while they don't even take down condo games

  9. I can tell hackers are gonna either attack that unchad floppa or the chad floppa

  10. I really feel bad for the owner as they take time and effort to make a fantastic game just to be taken down by another idiot who stole his effort, i like how he threatened shiro to get his lawyer involved while HE stole the game, man Roblox needs to choose the right guy instead of being neutral because this is just nonsense at this point

  11. the raise a floppa copy game owner is so dog water. imagine getting mad of people stealing even tho hes the one who steal.

  12. I think that since u touch the cat for money.Roblox thinks its animal abuse so its getting banned

  13. I never knew it was dmca, I thought it was roblox being dumb
    and them banning it cause it said "click the floppa for money

  14. I need too get all the item is raise a floopa

  15. Also I can’t play because I don’t have voice chat 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  16. False legal action is a federal crime in NYC

  17. report the clones!!1!11!111!1!

  18. alt title thing idk: a masterpiece gets bullied by fake copies

  19. I hate roblox moderators because I have a save point for raise a Floppa and I want to continue but my heart shattered in pieces like roblox is evil as heck it's because OF STUPID FAKE SHIIROSHOGUN AND ROBLOX HAS SO MANY BAD MODERATORS AND I WISH ROBLOX WILL GET SUED!!!!!!

  20. i actually can't believe that people will scoop that low by copying, claiming their copy is the original, and accusing the original as fake and trying to take down the original. welcome to 2022 everybody, where if your roblox game gets slight bit popular, people will copy it to death. also i don't think roblox will actually do anything about this situation.

  21. I really liked this game. I even uploaded a bunch of videos of it and me seeing it getting banned because of the bootleg games makes me really sad.

  22. Hey i think when one game is [content deleted] they are not fake games so that game always can i play again

  23. @roblox please return my precious floppa back i want it back

  24. The Fakes should actually be banned from roblox. The original creator should get his game back, these bootleg games should be banned and their creators should get their accounts terminated and even get legal action put on to them.

  25. However, herrdracula was banned or something when I checked this account

  26. i am pretty sure "Herr" means Mister in German so the poopy shithead's roblox name means mr. dracula

  27. Everytime something happens at raise a floppa:
    Intense research Intense editing calm voice over or voice generator
    Intense milking for views


  29. Free raise a floppa i miss da real floppa 🙁

  30. im exicted to returned beacuse i think my work is gonna return thanks 😁

  31. i bet the faker just wanted attention and make people believe he is the real one and make them buy assets or gamepassed from him and take down the real one so more people can believe the fake is the real

  32. I played raise a floppa when it was released I was thinking"huh floppa,that weird cat?" I also played 'floppas daycare" which got taken down and replaced with a new game that is WAY more complicated anyways out of topic,when I played raise a floppa it was kinda my fav game, alot to do, many badges,it took me 3 days just to get All of the badges,which is surprising since most of them are hard to get,when it got shut down I had nothing to do but play other raise a _ game that isn't floppa

  33. Roblox's hate floppas that is floppa1# group

  34. Dude ban the fake player roblox i mean its rlllly annoying that the main game is geting down every day

  35. My theory is that game stealers have confirmed that the original raise a floppa game was “their game”. And roblox, still being an idiot, has been banning the normal game but not the fakes like wtf. Roblox is the opposite of Albert Einstein man.

  36. Good news, I think herrdracula actually got banned. Check it for yourselves!

  37. I really bet at one point a copy is going to make a group with the same name but a little difference and even copying the floppa hangout, so they will be able to trick more people into playing the wrong game, getting more visits and able to get the original raise a floppa game deleted completely. This whole thing is insane.

  38. after all i never got the monster badge cuz im experienst with animals and never got a divorce but yes i will sacrifice the gremlins to bingus

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