This game keeps getting taken down... (ROBLOX RAISE A FLOPPA SITUATION EXPLAINED) -

This game keeps getting taken down… (ROBLOX RAISE A FLOPPA SITUATION EXPLAINED)

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How’s it going guys, SharkBlox here,

This Roblox game called raise a floppa 👋, keeps getting taken down, content deleted and re-uploaded. In today’s video I explain everything that’s going on and why this keeps happening!

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  1. Hey everybody, if you’re bored, don’t play the fakes. There’s a game called “Raise a Kotek” that’s very similar to Raise a Floppa, the only difference is it isn’t stolen from the original creators of Raise a Floppa, so that you aren’t giving the people stealing and taking down the game visits.

  2. Tbh I dont think that happened on Roblox before. I have never played that gane and was gonna skip the video but the situation is more serious than i could imagine. Roblox should really start working on everything- Its all so unfair for that guy not only czz of the game but his account too. Lets just say we are all with him Injustice to get his game and acc back.

  3. Roblox 2 days ago: let's take down raise a floppa!

    Roblox today: Let's crash!

  4. Herrdracula basically asking for roblox to delete the account he spend thousands on

  5. Why cant roblox ip ban that kid he wont create copies and he wont alts for the job

  6. This sucks for shiiro like imagine just making a funny game and then a bunch of people copy you and then try to say theyre the og. Poor shiiro he doesent deserve this. But also this might be good that its down because then you know the fakes and roblox can take those down and then put the og back up. Or atleast i hope lol.

  7. I think they are making it "[ Content Deleted ]" is because so that the fake owners will not join the original game then copy the EXACT same asset (I guess…?)

  8. The funny thing is, when the real game got back the fake shiiroshogun changed the fake game's name into raise a Ben, and then when it got banned again he made it raise a floppa again

  9. i fear i might have played a fake version i truly i hope not

  10. This explains why my Floppa never worked as it was supposed to.

  11. holy mans frickin down bad copying bro nice accont tho L

  12. Cant wait swear talking fake people and harras them

  13. THIS. person. is a person who dont even knows what the oringal creator is feeling aftergetting 3 DMCAS.

  14. imagine roblox going down because this game…

  15. I tried to search it up and It was gone.Thanks for explaining man! Earned a sub

  16. No this is bad looks like roblox is down and raise a floppa might still be under review

  17. all fake games are fake the night before shut down raise a floppa it goateed update and those games are fake

  18. It could be a good thing like maybe this’ll become such a big situation that roblox finally looks into dmca strikes.

  19. bruh what a piece of shit to the guy who dmcd strike the original one wth

  20. I played the fake one i didn't know it was fake but i managed to get my save glitched i can't get money or use money or can't delete my save

  21. At first i thought they made those because that dude gpt permission from the original owner

  22. I’m sad now raise a floppa was my favourite game now I’m bored 🙁

  23. Sharkblox: That was even in April
    Also sharkblox: and also now in MARCH

  24. Mainly because the raise floppa is kind a extremely creepy beacause when i was playing long i got letter it says i was not getting gift and even i is notice that i trap in the game and even the game is gliching and if you see a ufo when come in you will ther is seller alien even the water is glitching

  25. It was my favorite game and they did this… They should ne heavily punished

  26. I think the shut down is a new update

  27. I know why it gets banned every time
    The reason is because there is a game Pet Simulator X and made by preston, They make it like have the raise a floppa thumbnail and they make Pet Simulator X with everything free and Preston reports it, and it can be of other reason u said

  28. try to say smth about my user name I dare u says:

    my floppa is starving roblox stop it

    Roblox is currently down and the issue is currently unknown I will make a video about it and I will link it below soon

  30. I checked Shiiro's profile, i didn't see the game anymore. So it really is taken down.

  31. Guinea pigs are mini pigs Guinea pig says:

    i hate that man he is a faker its my favourite game now its banned

  32. iJustGotTheNewestiPhone5AndItHas700TerabytesOfRAM says:

    do you guys realize that he said "march" instead of "may" in 1:39

  33. nah im done with this poop, im deleting him, he's done. He killed my brothers and sisters

  34. "Previous username that was tristan"

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