This Hidden Roblox One Punch Man Game Is CRAZY!🔥 -

This Hidden Roblox One Punch Man Game Is CRAZY!🔥

Red Weeb
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  1. I am not hating on him but, i just dont think i like the v tuber thing the cartoon or anime thing of him.
    I know i dont care but i just dont like it

  2. hey red weeb ive been a big fan of u for a long time please i want goku ultra instict from anime dimensions and i cant get him so could u please friend me and join me on a day we would have told eachother and pls gift me or goku ultra instict or 1900 raid tokens again tho if u dont want to its ok i dont mind just respond at least so i can know(event ends in 16 days) my name is name:nasdnhc display name:diosenko and someone just scammed me so please i beg you

  3. Me new subscribers. So u want combo? Here is the combo. Punch 3x and jump and punch 1x it will slam a player down. Number 2. Punch 1x and hold jump and punch 3x that way is v2 uppercut

  4. Can you give me tobux I sub and I liked my roblox name is kaiskdkdi

  5. YOUroblx sitame bettalgrond GOT
    demon cyborg

  6. this mans keeps on changing his pfp. first he was Rengoku, then Gear 5 Luffy THEN YORIICHI, THEN GEAR 5 LUFFY AGAIN THEN NOW UR TANJIROWEEB

  7. imo the reason the game is doing so well because the combat system is kinda unique, if it got a combat system like au reborn it would prolly get 2k minimum player

  8. Death counter is a frl counter attack and it's a real death thing Bcs if u attack it you insta die

  9. You sould play a hero’s destiny its a one punch man game

  10. The first time Ive seen finishers in a roblox game

  11. I play this game the hunters preyers is were u have to do it on time u have to do it at the same time the person and u have to hit each other at the same time

  12. alright lets teach this man cause rn I have 600 kills on this game

    the serious series on the 1st move it is a counter definition of counter : hits back your enemy :

    now lets teach u about Garou's 4th move another counter

  13. press the the guy that has a question mark on his head(left up of screen)press one of them taht u want

  14. go to settings and use auto use it makes you 2x better

  15. 3:40 is a counter, and is sick, i would prefer the table flip tho, thats where all the fun is >:)

  16. if you use the Consecuvit multi hits and do normal phunce you do a good combo

  17. when serious cant one shot u am i one punch god

  18. death counter is when you get punched you can counter it

  19. bro are you really that dum go to the seting on your top right and enable auto use so you can make a combo maybe you should try that

  20. Pay to win
    Gaorou is so strong he can compete with 2-3 players at the same time

  21. All characters have 3 phase m1s the first one is just hold the m1s while the next one is holding the jumpbutton while doing the last m1 to do a mini uppercut and then the last one is a stun m1 to do it is by jumping at the end of the 3rd m1 while pressing it again to do a stun m1

  22. there is such a cool one punch man game its called a heros destiny and there is even another one its called one punch the strongest lag

  23. the death counter is when someone punches siatama and he basically instant transition's behind them and punches them.

  24. Finding Ogs who's been here when he is not a png youtuber


  25. This guys is so confused dude for the first mobe of siataam rage yoy need someone to hit you witch pits you in a scene

  26. This game got some potential a little bit of tweaks and additions then this becomes the best one punch man game

  27. Floaty
    I can teach ya some combo's.
    If you want..?

  28. U should try changing Ur fighting style

  29. You did the awaken death encounter ability wrong

  30. Get close to the player where u can touch the player

  31. You can mini uppercut by holding jump button

  32. Death counter is for the player who try to attack you in anyway like reverse card

  33. If I were you I should just Saitama main can clap people in any serious series mode

  34. Death counter is when someone hits u it does a counter

  35. It's not hidden and pretty much anyone can find it on initial page so kind of clickbait tell me whatever you want about it

  36. I remember this game when it first released it was so different

  37. 3:40 death counter is a 1 shot counter attack the dummy doesn't attack so u cant use it on him

  38. Anime tales and Anime united are gonna be the most competitive Roblox games in history

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