This is The Reason Why I DO NOT CARE The NEW Roblox Anime Game -

This is The Reason Why I DO NOT CARE The NEW Roblox Anime Game

revolver agz
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Don’t want to hear anyone recommend me this NEW Roblox Anime game ever again..

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  1. Yo simulators are the best if you compare that to blox fruits you got to use bear 2xp to get to max in blox fruits it frustrating for none robux players

  2. I'm on the same page anime +simulator =🤢🤮

  3. the only reason I want to play this game is because its a simulator I hate bandit beaters. I like the afk aspects of these game I can do real life shit while i'm afk grinding

  4. Look like the art was animated dimension inspired 100%


    Joking love ur content been meaing to say this for a while

  6. Of course you won’t get it this game is manly for anime fighting sim fans to us this is kinda of a dream bc I used to spend hours playing this game and waiting for kelvin and mr rhino to post a vid at 3 am

  7. Agz its not just a regular simulator. Its basically just 'Anime Fighting Simulator' with rpg and pvp aspects

  8. Completely understand why his game is so similar. He started it a while back. Then again. It’s never too late to add unique and innovative features to a game.

  9. Let's keep it a buck. Tycoons have better gameplay than anime sims.

  10. This is why I never play games made by YouTubers, they are always ass most of the time

  11. The only game i am excited for rn is Holy War X to see the game develop over the years has made me so attached to it and i just cant explain how happy i would be to see the game release

    The other game that i am excited to see release is rell seas i really wanna see How much better they can do from midxiore's game and how much impact will it put on the one piece fandom (players who pay one piece game on roblox not talking bout the whole ass one piece fandom) because being a developer with a big reputation is not easy since if you are a small and unrecogonised dev people will lay it easy on you in case your project fails but in cases of devs like the rell brothers who are very reputed due their previous games the fans have very large expectation from them which makes the chances of discontent higher

    All in all i just really hope these two games turn out to be good and have atleast decent gameplay we can enjoy unitll other masterpieces come out
    Thank you for putting out the great content!!

  12. bro decided to speak facts. shoulda made this same type of vid on axiores game we all know it’s trash. you needa be more blunt and honest about these games this is only the beginning of agz awakening

  13. All we hear about upcoming anime games is: “This game will break roblox” but when it releases, it is only hyped up for a week then is never mentioned again
    But when one game is under hyped, when it released it becomes over hyped for a month or two, that’s a strange logic

  14. Big mom doing the dragon roar had me crying 😭😭😭😭

  15. Yeah I'm getting pretty sick of all the new anime games just being endless grinding, it's not fun and it starts to get old quick. Simulator anime games are the worst though, literally the grindiest and they have the worst stat systems too. We need new original games like really badly.

  16. whoever translated the game to japanese characters definitely used google translate cuz its incorrect lmao

  17. Roblox games completing to see who can be the buggiest on release

  18. get this trash yt tryna farm money from his subs game outta here LMAO

  19. I think after pixel piece the anime game community became WAY more strict and I love it.

  20. If you watched kelvin vids what made him popular was the anime simulator game he had two 2m vids and 1m vid on that game he’s trying to remake the game because the devs just gave up on it.Before talkin shi just know that this game was supposed to be anime simulator 2.0

  21. sum1 should make a anime dimensions type game and make it with better animations and add a pvp side to it bc anime dimensions is rlly selling atp OR sum1 should make a shindo life type game (naruto game) but with better animations !!!!

  22. the trailers for Anime Tales were so good but turned out its just a simulator lol. Disappointing tbh. So many people waited for nothing.

  23. Look u can't say that it's his first game and it would have been successful but fans forced him to release early anddd
    Kelvin is probably the only one ik that knows a good anime simulator

  24. You don’t focus on stimulating games, you watch a film and put on auto click and go on with your day, thats how it works

  25. I always like the like button on you’re videos even if it’s an L💀

  26. What happend to pvp progression games on Roblox

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  28. Main problem I got with simulator is games is that I've got a lot more to do on my computer than turn it on for 16 hours to afk stats

  29. The reason I don’t fw this game is because of kelvin himself, he said he was going to release the game, had 30k people in his stream waiting, meanwhile he just sat there saying “should I release it” for 2 hours straight just to never release it.

  30. Also the ui looks like Genshin impact lul

  31. Honestly, wasnt really excited on the game..i heard it was like a simulator game and i didnt like those genre of a roblox anime game. When i heard they shut it down after release, i honestly was confused but didnt care much.

  32. He refuses to make a content on a game oh noooo 😢

  33. Honestly I don’t get how anyone is surprised, you put out your expectations for a good game on a guy that exclusively plays simulators and screams at a screen with goofy sfx for anything to get children to click on his videos, this dude is a role play video away from being a main entity in YouTube kids, he is not a leader and clearly not a developer

  34. Simulator is all about making friends and talking to people

  35. what was that gold digger prank that he got recommended sus

  36. I never saw the grace in simulators. I mean, who finds it fun to farm by clicking or leaving your pc afk?

  37. Bro how do people find simulator enjoyable 😂😂😂

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