This LOW RATED Roblox JOJO Game Deserves More HYPE! -

This LOW RATED Roblox JOJO Game Deserves More HYPE!

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This LOW RATED Roblox JOJO Game Deserves More HYPE!

Sub Goal : 🔥125,000🔥


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Intro Music:
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Join my discord server, I have a channel for all the songs I use.


  1. The d4c love train and twoh looks like its from abd ngl

  2. thumbnail has YBA's TWOH and ABD's D4C:LT

  3. its bc this game is dead i played it when it came out

  4. Yooo his pogger bear avatar thing idk I saw it in his aut trolling videos a while ago

  5. That game updated when I was doing a quest

  6. free shout out go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :flushes: :skull:

  7. Not gonna lie it's 2:18am rn and I have been binge watching this guys videos it's that good

  8. I can't join in game I get kick and say Loading error can u help me?

  9. tiny map might be good because less spawn points instead of walking 20 miles to check one item spawn and going another 20 miles to check another spawn but the bad thing is players can steal

  10. Sadly this game gone worse low map and other stuff

  11. well you don`t have d4c:LT so it try to oof u

  12. Maybe it becuz too hard to get some good stand or spec and no balance

  13. I remember thT avatar when you played stand up right

  14. i have an idea for a jojo game to play, An Unoriginal Universe, its basically ABD with a whole lot of stupid/memey/strange/op/whatever stands and items, it recently got discontinued so seeing you review it would be a dream!

  15. This man got 3 1% Legendary stands and me that cant get TW

  16. anyone trading their ws?
    i have a good offer
    i have green baby so i need ws to make c-moon

  17. Hi HW5567 i am a big fan trying to sing in long time ago so i can sub i hae being watching about 13 vids when i first saw you
    and i can finaly sign in then all i do is sub okay thx bye

  18. “Shoutout to you if you remember it”

    Person named you: 😀

  19. Pls play big oi stand in roblox you not play you Will BE INTO A GOMBA A JOJO GAME PLS PLAY OR YOU WILL BE INTO A GOMBA

  20. check out bloodline legacy if you haven't already

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