This NEW FNAF Roblox Game is The SCARIEST Game on Roblox.. - Forgotten Memories -

This NEW FNAF Roblox Game is The SCARIEST Game on Roblox.. – Forgotten Memories

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Forgotten memories a new FNAF Roblox game where after a group of friends take a security job at an abandoned pizzeria. They slowly start to uncover the mystery behind the abandonment of Five Night’s at Freddy’s.


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  1. I always thought Forgotten memories was an actual game but someone made it on roblox too.

  2. Keep up the good work FusionZGamer!

  3. So I just finished playing this game with my friends and I’m just gonna say, your gonna love the ending

  4. Hod did you find it I've looked over roblix and can't find it

  5. I played this on my channel and it was lagging and it made me die by Freddy

  6. Fusion: I had to say something
    Me at the same time: He had to say something

  7. I just tried playing the game myself and it was terrifying

  8. Man said “anime puppet”

    Im dead 💀😂

  9. Fusion really thought he was pro enough to play solo??

  10. Bro when amber started speaking fusion said WOW

  11. Fusion I could help with building ur game in roblox

  12. Him: I'll check marionette later
    Me: 👁👄👁

  13. ꧁ Sƚҽʋҽ Hαɾɾιɳɠƚσɳ ꧂ #RoadTo100Subs! says:

    I’m so happy I found your channel again I watched you as a kid and you were and right now am my favourite YouTuber

  14. I was looking for a game kind of like the fnaf fan games I play that me and my younger cousin who does not have a pc could play on Roblox and boy when I found this, I was excited.

  15. It's been years since I watched one of your videos

  16. Oh yeah btw if the puppet gets out look for a mask

  17. Me: bro I know this game I will not shout part 2
    Meanwhile at the end: part 2 come on PART2

  18. Not bragging but I got all badges and beat 20/6 mode soooo easy 😈

  19. Hello I'm golden Freddy don't worry I don't bite 🤞

  20. Tip:when the puppet is out you only got a few seconds to to close them back
    Another tip:when you go to reset the ventilation system becareful because Freddy always roam around there too

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