This NEW Game Has THE CUTEST PETS in ALL of Roblox! Roblox Overlook Bay Beta -

This NEW Game Has THE CUTEST PETS in ALL of Roblox! Roblox Overlook Bay Beta

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➜ This NEW Game Has THE CUTEST PETS in ALL of Roblox! Roblox Overlook Bay Beta

Check out Overlook Bay here:

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  1. Isn’t it funny how she’s ignoring what just happened. Your boyfriend doesn’t deserve his platform anymore. Using someone’s death against a delveloper is disgusting and disrespectful. You guys complaining about being banned for a few days because you DID help Jeremy evade his ban. So stop playing the victim if you wouldn’t mind.

  2. Great video. I love it how you are always so positive an you are never negative in anything you'r one of my most favorite you tubers 💖

  3. This is so wrong. Stop hating on her . She did nothing wrong, so don’t bring up Jeremy drama. Stop the hate. She does not want people to bring it up.

  4. Don’t bring drama to keisyo’s channel 🙁

  5. your boyfriend is an actual mess of a person. you deserve better than him

  6. Hey Keisyo, I hope your doing okay due to recent events. We understand if your uncomfortable becasue of this, but just remember if you need help to reach out to anyone you trust. Have a good day and make sure be happy ♡

  7. Stop defending ur Boyfriend, We all know he is wrong how dare he bring someone else's DEATH for getting unbanned.. Disgusting..

  8. Your boyfriend scams and you are lovely Keisyo❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  9. Stop trying to act innocent when you and your boyfriend are truly disgusting. You disappoint me. Trying to act like the victim. Grow up. You are an adult and there are children more responsible then you.

  10. Idk what ur BF did but from the comments you really should beak up with him tbh-

  11. keisyo im a really really big fan of u i really want to trade with i really want to get ur badge ur like the most kindess youtuber im in ur group i joined but ur not noticing me but its cuz ur my favorite youtuber ever i watch all ur vid i liked all ir vids pls notice i trade u a friends request but ur not accpeting

  12. Ik I'm late about the drama thingy but just because Jeremy is your boyfriend does not mean you have to defend him for everything what he did was clearly wrong and you should know that he is clearly in the wrong even young children or teens know that he is clearly wrong, using suicide as an excuse to just get unbanned from a game is just disgusting like I got my account that I spent hours working on banned but even if it hurts to see all the hard work wasted you will have to accept reality not everything can go your way so just please ask your boyfriend to stop all of this it's just a game don't try soooo hard just to get something that's not a life or death situation your way there are many people out there suffering way more horrible situations out there

  13. I'm ashamed I was a fan of you and your boyfriend's in early 2017, you two are utterly DISGUSTING. And deserve to be cancelled.

  14. Tell your boyfriend to not use someone death just because he got banned from adopt me, its disgusting.

  15. Hi. I'm a bit late but I just wanted to say, you are soo lucky to have everything you have and I love you. You deserve everything you have on any game.

  16. Your playing overlook bay now cause your mad you got banned from adopt me even know you knew that your boyfriend was banned but was childish and went to adopt me to do so

  17. Keisyo…
    Jeremy is absolutely DISGUSTING he harassed a developer for blocking him in social media and got banned from roblox please do not defend him nor help him make videos.
    Tell your boyfriend to grow up cause his behavior is disgusting, by telling the developer that he is exorcism and that we should pray for him to drive the demons out of him…

  18. Keisyo do you still literally support your disgusting and rude boyfriend? Bringing up someones death to get unbanned is just not cool, you guys are honestly disgusting and rude, and saying "WeRe FaMouS WE PrOmOte GAmEs SO WhY ARe WE BannEd?" Nobody even asked you to promotes someones game from the very start, and tbh your channel is a bit cringy and overrated, so please stop supporting your disgusting boyfriend :/

  19. its so pathetic that your boyfriend cant defend himself properly and uses a suicide for self defense its just pathetic next time teach your grown boyfriend to get some common sense.

  20. can i please have a royale high screenshot with you if it isn't too much trouble? i completely understand if it is just too much to ask and i am just one of a million fans but if it isn't too much trouble that would be amazing

  21. My mum's phone broke so now I can not play Royale high anymore T^T iam trying to save up to fix it

  22. Hey kKisyo! I got you a question. So I got scammed for my 2020 parasol in royale high and im crying rn so hard if you cant its totally fine but if not i still love you. Maybe you could give me a parasol and a couple items because i got scammed? I hope you believe me and ilysm rn i really hope you can respond. If you do ill freak out but please respond if not or if you can my user is xXCoolio_CatXx Goodbye. Ilysm and pls respond Keisyo! ♡

  23. This was awsome but when r u doing another halo give away

  24. Ok I’m going to say something that everyone is saying as well

    What your boyfriend recently has done is awful and wrong he used someone’s death as defence and it’s honestly getting really annoying telling you to tell him to stop. There is no way of defending him because him doing that is freaking wrong

    I hope you find it in your heart to listen to us and tell him to stop

  25. Keisyo pls givee rubax😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 :hiamhilary

  26. @Allisa you really going to every comment and responding to almost every comment, respect to you ✊

  27. Get this straight, She defending someone shes loves and someone who's close.I bet all of us would do that to someone who's close to us,Yall just came in her channel and starting to hate.If you wanna hate,go to Twitter and her bf yt.Cause All of this s^it was on Twitter and her bf's youtube.Dont come at her shes isnt talking about the drama in this channel so shes trying to make her channel drama-free.Let her be,people who have brains would understand her situation and this comment.

    Yes I agree,Jeremiah is truly disgusting but I havent lost respect for her cause all of this drama started on her boyfriend and ik she has been defending him on Twitter but she shouldn't deserve hate.

    Or maybe she did ask him to stop?

  28. hi ive been whatching you for a while now and your videos r rlly good i recently got scammed and i was at 123k diamonds so im sorry for begging but maybe can u donate 40k in royale high if not i undertsand but if u do thx a lot

  29. Omg it looks legit like adopt me keep city and royale high mixed youth into one what the heck

  30. keysio were are you you have been gone for 3 weeks!! if its the hate ignore itjust pls come back 🙁


  32. I used your starcode when im bought robux ❤️

  33. Keisyo made a new vid and delted it, may i know why? 🙁

  34. Overlook Bay is really the cutest ,but crown academy is lame sisters 😂🤦

  35. For some reason it look like the copying adopt me but that’s in my opinion

  36. i wish i can play it but i dont have a robux 🙁

  37. iplayed over look bay and they gave me 6000 gems

  38. If this got pinned by Keisyo for no reason, I will be so happy-

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