This NEW My Hero Academia Game on Roblox is... -

This NEW My Hero Academia Game on Roblox is…

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Roblox Super Hero Academy 👊 Tycoon! New My Hero Academia Anime Game.
Play Roblox Super Hero Academy 👊 Tycoon►

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Roblox (originally stylized as ROBLOX) is a massively multiplayer online social game platform, where players are able to create and publish their own virtual worlds using building tools and Lua. Players can earn or purchase Robux, which can be cashed into real-world money if earned from developing games or clothing items. There are over 29 million games and approximately 56 million active/1.1 million peak concurrent players playing a total of 1 billion hours each month.

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  1. I swear every new game is like this and there isnt any mha

  2. Whats good nice job trying new games👍🏼

  3. I clicked faster then the flash could save iris or nora

  4. It’s feels illegal to be this early lol😅😂

  5. Ayo that "DAMN" in the intro lmfao got me taking some bricks off me own playhouse

  6. this why i sub to you best uploads and all ways active

  7. I like chat has been telling this man "its not my hero tycoon its a marvel typa tycoon" and Vexx won't even believe them till bro is obviously proven wrong even more😂😂

  8. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio says:

    a one of a kind video

  9. yeah bro playing tycoon games now, time for me to go

  10. I never seen a "my hero academia" people use swords or katanas. :/

  11. Vexx I love the content, but can you please make a video of you coming back to aopg

  12. u should play saitama battlegrounds its really fun

  13. its a copy and paste game they copy this game then make another game with another title and i know this cuz i saw this same game with another title

  14. It feels illegal to be thie late 😢😢

  15. Cba actually means can’t be asked. Idk what Brian was on about I’m from

  16. Do you got nothing to do? We do not want to see tycoon videos those games are trash

  17. eres de ascendencia española
    I can kinda hear it

  18. the only false advertainment is the logo bc its super hero academy NOT my hero academy(they do know what they doing tho)

  19. Imma keep it a buck, these tycoon and simulator videos are Hella repetitive, they kinda just boring.


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