This NEW One Piece Game Releases TODAY on Roblox! -

This NEW One Piece Game Releases TODAY on Roblox!

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Roblox Sea Piece 2! New One Piece Anime Game.
Play Roblox Fruit Warriors►

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Roblox (originally stylized as ROBLOX) is a massively multiplayer online social game platform, where players are able to create and publish their own virtual worlds using building tools and Lua. Players can earn or purchase Robux, which can be cashed into real-world money if earned from developing games or clothing items. There are over 29 million games and approximately 56 million active/1.1 million peak concurrent players playing a total of 1 billion hours each month.

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  1. Why do they keep making these shitty OP games for the love of God😭

  2. another bandit beater 5000 robux yoru one piece game with trash ui

  3. I love your vids yo I been here for 3 years it’s a cool vid

  4. does rell seas finally have competition ‼⁉🗣🔥🤔😱♨️🔥🔥🔥💯

  5. Aint that just worse blox fruits ☠ even down to the leveling animation, absolutely no originality at all fr

  6. Play ninja tycoon it had this crazy update

  7. Vexx I love the content, but can you please make a video of you coming back to aopg

  8. Btw vex in the description it says "Play Roblox Fruit Warriors" then the link to sea piece 2

  9. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio says:

    The speaker's storytelling abilities are truly captivating. 📖

  10. umm the description saying Fruit Warriors, you should fix that

  11. Every one wine’s about every anime game being a bandit beater but in every anime there’s always an enemy for the Mc and other characters so to shorten it every anime is a bandit beater

  12. I know it a bandit beater but I still love when new one price games come out one piece is one of my fav anime idk why people hate them so much

  13. Is it random what item u get if u played the first one

  14. Watcher: image spending robux
    Vex: hold my juice box
    Bank: did you spent $20 on a roblox game?

  15. 1: Opens the video…
    2: Checks if it's a Bandit beater game or not…
    3: Yes, it's bandit beater game…
    4: Closes the video.

  16. yet again another dog shit bandit beater its getting boring bruh

  17. How many more one piece games? There are already too many one piece games

  18. the game is stiff and i cant move fast in mobile so no combo potentional in mobile no i would rather play blox fruits (My opinion) btw keep it up nice vid

  19. Every anime game have their own way of making the game so don't judge any of them let them make what they want to dream of

  20. I rolled for 200 robux and got a suke 😞

  21. Pls stop playing these trash game go pls arcance ordacity

  22. Bro the things i hate about this game are that the bandits are too powerful, and once u hit Smoker he will chase u everywhere forever :/

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