This NEW Roblox JOJO Game Is Pretty Good! -

This NEW Roblox JOJO Game Is Pretty Good!

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This NEW Roblox JOJO Game Is Pretty Cool

Sub Goal : 🔥300,000🔥

⭐ Use Star Code ‘HW5567’ When buying BOBUX ⭐

🔲 Roblox Profile | Follow Me To Join: 🔲


👔 Merch / Clothes I Made: 👔

👥 My Roblox Group: 👥

💬 My Discord: 💬

(Join their discord, linked under their game for more info)

🎵 Music: 🎵
Intro Music:
Intro Music 2:
Outro Music:

Join my discord server, I have a channel for all the songs I use.
I Own None Of The Songs Used In The Video.


  1. I played that game and i got 2 shinies the crazy diamond shiny is death 13 and the the world shiny is the vamp the world

  2. 7:25 where is the audio from, like the one where you hear a very bad quality camera flash and spongebob music

  3. can you do jojo stand testing???

  4. i remember you when you was recording old aut…that was best times

  5. Its also made by the same people as one more time rewritten, very fun game

  6. watch 100k+ players playing that game after HW made the video

  7. the thing inside your avatar is the new t-shirt jacket and new pants when your wearing them

  8. Can u put game links in discripon i cant find it

  9. I'm literally dying here… WHY ARE ALL THE FONTS DIFFERENT FROM EACHOTHER?! look at the combo counter! one is rounded and smooth, and the other is jagged and pixelated.

  10. where is name why the f4c7 u blured name i was liking but when u hided name im starting hate u now 1 week ago i liked you but now not and idc about u right know if u say "ok unsub" so ur bad and im not toxic

  11. this guys intro gave me an epileptic seizure

  12. this game is better than yba and it isan't finished

  13. the think inside of u is a 3d layerd clothing

  14. The first pose of the world was A M O G U S

  15. Finally I found a jojo game that lets kc barrage not like other games donut

  16. I love he uses memes and like he acts funny thats epic

  17. How do I redeem codes? I saw some codes in the description but i don't know how to redeem it 🙁

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