This NEW Roblox One Piece Game Is The HARDEST One Piece Game On Roblox -

This NEW Roblox One Piece Game Is The HARDEST One Piece Game On Roblox

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  1. It has the potential to surpass GPO, but it has a while to go.

  2. You havnt playes one piece online rebirth have you?

  3. Hell nah i aint playing rogue lineage again

  4. this game sucks trash all they need for a 1 shot combo is m1 m1 m1 m1 m2 repeat and you win

    fix your game

  5. The rates for races is insanely low sadly, that was a big issue in GPO as well

  6. Btw same dev for ro piece is making a new onepiece game called rell piece

  7. I got some tips for you on Shindo first spin bloodline squad up and scroll hunt if you squad your hole team get exp and story qeust is the best way to level up the bl are very good common bl is ice mud Crystal explosion

  8. The people who made shindo life is making op game called rell piece

  9. The game is good but the devs do some stupid things like example, the devs allow high bounty players to not show on the leaderboard which means you don't even have the chance to log from the max blood fruit max buso and Ken and he can sneak up and one combo you. But the good part of the game is playing with friends and Fighting

  10. This game looks so similar to rogue lineage

  11. Anchor! I wanna play with u I have a crew we have max everything

  12. i got bunch of lot then someguy killed me after saying sorry.
    edit: i got good again and thenget killed LESS GOOO

  13. shame i had to go halfway through sorry ); quality vid as always though

  14. This game reminds me of one piece online, from 2013. The good old days when one piece games were skill based.

  15. Like rogue lineage with perma death? Got classes? Idk tell me n0w!

  16. yo i can help you if you want i am a fishman with maxed buso haki and ken haki and keyu haki

  17. One of the dudes said there is only 2 ways to get tier1 fruit trading and chests but what about the collector npc?

  18. Hey anchor, if you need help with anything in the game DM me I have max haki and Ken and I've been a tester since the start of the game

  19. I got so scared when we got ganged on accidentally dropped my drink on my keyboard

  20. Nice a one piece game inspired by rogue lineage

  21. try playing rogue lineage, i bet you wont last 3 ig days.

  22. Until this day I have never understood how to play this game.

  23. its a lot easier in a group, if ur solo then most of the time you just get ganked by the 2 player infinite combo

  24. its obly hard cuz clowns kill freshies, therefore making the early progression almost impossible

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