This Roblox game ACTUALLY added VOICE CHAT -

This Roblox game ACTUALLY added VOICE CHAT

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They’re working on one that won’t get banned/safer for users so if it returns I’ll let you know!
Today I play a REAL Roblox voice chat game- not SUPER fluid or fast but it worked!


  1. try to press uhhh brookhaven so in the game theres a scacret in brookhaven {Me} Sorry my a bad gammar

  2. Hey I have a vid idea. Ok so make a server and invite your fans. You should have kaiden or temprist make a fake account and dress up like a average noob. Then have the follower guesse who temprist is. When they vote a person gets the most votes they get killed. Sorta like among us

  3. Girl: im going to eat you in your sleep if you don't like the video right noww
    Flamingo: dies of laugher

  4. After the EEEE EEEE EEEEEEEEEE my gaderade bursted out of NY mouth

  5. Whats wrong about playing in Roanoke microsoft huh HUH?

  6. ita not like albert has saida bad word on youtube

  7. They should make a separate game called roblox 18+

  8. Roblox:delete the voice chat game. A year later roblox steals there idea XD

  9. Can You Send Me The Link If You Remember It

  10. Haha
    The guy saying "Albert is Saying his first words!C:"
    That had me dying 😭 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂!!!!!
    And if it wasn't deleted I would say "HEY WHAT UP GUYS!!

  11. There is another game wich has online players called ro-meet

  12. Im going to eat you in sleep if you dont like the video right now

    what are you waiting for like and subscribe

  13. I wonder why this one specific video got 25M+ views

  14. I wonder why this one specific video got 25M+ views

  15. Okay been a year pests see how many people spammed kliodus

  16. Albert just said to this random girl “ you are the most beautiful woman i have ever layed my eyes on “

  17. I love it when flamingo screams !! * sits next to my mom and turnes it up to 100 volume so see could hear it *

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