This Roblox game ended up being really disturbing… -

This Roblox game ended up being really disturbing…

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Today I play Submarine Simulator, which is a very very good Roblox “simulator” game that is not at all what it appears to be…


  1. 8:45“see look this guy got his thing, and he opened the thing, and his thing still went up” – best flamingo quote of 2022

  2. why are all albert’s comments pure paragraphs?

  3. I love how he doesnt even mention that seth is the one shouting out the game lol.

  4. Umm I look the owner of the game it hit me something you know that hat you found the owner knows seth smile

  5. Albert's nightmares relly be like:do u regret about your old channel all the thing u said and did u nasty lil demon your one of us 👿😈👿😈👿😈

  6. That scream from the monster is a different but I similar it’s from a fnaf s.l fan game

  7. Hey albert on you're old channels and you sweared (old channel Albert spooks)

  8. Bro the man who died is the one from the smiles family the mask guy

  9. I remember the smile’s family and diamond eyes

  10. By the way, since it was Seth that mad the game and his avatar was different, is he grown up now?

  11. I thin that the daughter you think is I think is ur wife in game and the in game wife was in labor but the babies died from lack of oxygen and so the wife soon gets cancer and then the wife dies from cancer

  12. ok but can we talk about the little refrence to albertstuff at 4:27 xdxd

  13. this was so scary but flamingo made it funny!

  14. Smiles family? Red Yellow And blue. Seth, Matthew and Clair!!!

    Starlit games was made by Seth. Maybe Seth Smiles? The house looked a lot like the smiles house….

  15. Flamingo can you play my game it's called Meme race by The uncalled. Ink play it please


  17. this is definitely part of the smile's family lore, notice how albert saw that mask from that guy at the masquerade party? it would all make sense. and that monster does look like the one from his last smiles family encounter. it just looks a bit different.

  18. Yo flamingo I think this game is based on the iron lung a game we’re you swim in a blood ocean and take pictures to get Evidence of life but you die to a big frog thing

  19. Hey flamingo I think this story is like the smiles Family Because the man looks like John smiles and that mask in the start

  20. No, dont play this game. there is a chance where your IP address gets leaked. (mine got leaked sadly.)

  21. I died in rebirth 2 too bc of the oxygen i forgot about it

  22. When he tells you to look at him don’t look at him he’s trying to trick you

  23. Don't trust them hes lying it's not amazing

  24. When I played the third day of this game I got so scared

  25. Wow! I really like that you can rebirth now ! ✌︎

  26. Noone:
    Literally Noone:
    Flamingo: ''iS tHiS fNaF?''

  27. I didn’t watch the video before playing the game and let’s just say that I’m scared now

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