This Roblox Game Has LORE?! | Rainbow Friends by Fragment Games -

This Roblox Game Has LORE?! | Rainbow Friends by Fragment Games

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Theorists, we’re back with another ROBLOX game! I’m playing Rainbow Friends by Fragment Games and going in completely blind. With each game, I’m seeing just how SCARY Roblox can get. Rainbow Friends had my heart RACING in every level. So, friends, can I make it until the end? Will my team prevail? Or do I have to figure out the lore on my own…?

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0:00 – The Witty Banter
1:20 – does this imply the existence of rainbow foes?
01:03:28 – The Witty Wrap up

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  1. Here's a helpful chart
    Blue: can't get you in your box
    Green: If he touches you he catches you
    Orange: if you move on his line in front of him he gets you
    Purple: If you go in front of the vents he gets you
    Red: He can't get you

  2. You should try identity fraud on roblox its a scary maze game that needs morse code to win

  3. It’s ironic me and my friend a playing and we were talking about how cute orange is and i accidentally went to close to his cave and died

  4. You have to say Sans Undertale (or Classic Sans) because the fandom has about 100K Au’s (alternate universes) and e each version on Sans has a different nickname, so it’s easier to tell them apart. Btw please do more undertale theories.

  5. Matpat: IT'S JUST MEEEE
    Me: I play horror games by myself for no reason to where it scares anyone else I play with any other time- I need more alone time like that tho-

  6. Matpat if you see this and want to play Rainbow Friends again, here are some tips:
    For blue you can hide in your box if he HAS NOT seen you. if he has, get out of view and go into a locker or your box. If he does not see your character in itself, you're fine.
    For green, just stay away from him, he's not motion sensored or anything like that, but if he can reach you, you're dead. THE BOX WILL NOT HELP YOU.
    For orange get into your box and stay away from the line, easy as that. If he sees you in his line or out of your box, you will die, he's too quick to run away from.
    And for purple, he leaks water from the sewer, you'll see the footprints, walk on those and you're perfectly are fine. Ph also he can only hurt you if he's in that one specifically, so whenever you see him you use the footprints, otherwise you can just run past it
    PS: I think the safest room is the castle room near the wooden door/up the stairs, because green orange and purple don't go up there, and blue will only go there if he saw you run up there

  7. Try the mimic it’s an amazing game. Also nice solo

  8. Omg I just saw matpats username thatsjustatheory13 I love it so much

  9. MatPat being confused for 1hour straight 😂😂

  10. I HAVE WATCHED FLATLAND! I loved it and it was such a weird concept! Glad someone else knows it! I read it for english mixed with math. Very fun!

  11. I was waiting for matpat to die but he survived every monster without even knowing the mechanics

  12. Matpat, i have just one thing to say to you even though you won't see this, there are roblox games that have lore. They're called "Myth Games" and i would really want you to check "Mental Assistance Department"

  13. The same thing happened to me when Matpat was the only one left on his first game

  14. When he laughed I couldn’t tell if he was laughing until his lungs hurt or if he was crying

  15. "as if theres another sans that i should be aware of or like that would be relevant in like a conversation around modern fandom" someone is NOT ready for the the sans aus

  16. Man, watching you cluelessly run around the map like you're a chicken with it's head- uh, gone, is just funny. Another thing, Your right, the Onceler was hot (Idk how to spell his name0, and the vent dude is, THE PURPLE GUY! Well he's actually just the purple rainbow friend. Man I agree with the creativity stuff, because I watch a specific types of YouTube stuff- that helps me understand and know what different people like and what they don't so at least I expect it, I'm not gonna totally just, follow what I think people will like, I still wanna be creative but not go out there completely blind, kinda like SOMEONE huh? Well anyway just saying I agree with that statement. No, no you haven't been in that room before MatPat, yet you were lucky enough to not have to. I also have a theory, what if Rainbow friends chapter two, happens at ODD World, I mean think about it, there are stuff with word odd in all caps, every where. Plus, the game literally mentions it at the beginning cut scene, idk 'bout you but why would they put a whole other place that isn't entirely fit for a field trip. Never the less, why not just make it a field trip to a museum, or another place that'll teach kids? Last piece of evidence I have is the fact that ODD World is at the end of the game, there's a gate but I don't think that'd stop you from still going. Well, I just like to let my mind put pieces together, don't worry about me. 🙂 Wait really-? I thought it did, oh well- Man we have like the same reaction skills when it comes to faces, I think- I really don't watch GTLive as much I do Game Theory honestly. I bet if you read this your gonna think I talk a lot, but I just like people to know I'm here, I also like responding. Man- I had faith in you…Oh well I already know how the game ends anyway so- To me it that doesn't matter, what matters is that the videos now, OVER! Sadly so, but it was still a fun experience. Have a good day!

  17. BTW MatPat's Roblox account is "ThatsJustATheory13!" So go ahead and ask for some friend requests from him!

  18. You know what OTHER Roblox game has "LORE?" PIGGY!!! Ask YouTuber KreekCraft about it… Who knows; maybe you can predict what may happen in Piggy: Intercity (that's IF it will ever come out!) #lore #MatPat

    *Please notice me…

  19. Hey, just a suggestion, if you want to do more theories on Roblox horror games I recommend Evelyn! (Currently there are two chapters) it definitely has lore and its best to play with friends

  20. I'm so proud of Matpat for being able to get that far mostly alone on his first try! I assume this is also one of the first times he's played Roblox, so he did so well! Love you, Mat! <3

  21. May i reccomend playing Ghost simulator? it has DEEP lore.

  22. Recommendation: please play Apeirophobia (Roblox). It's a replica of The Backrooms! 😁

  23. I love watching big youtubers play roblox for the first time and have the bacon hair (I know they’ve played before but still

  24. Well, the young audience youtubers managed to turn this game in a piece of garbage. I mean, they always do that.

  25. Mat had no reason to make it that far in the game if we're being honest

  26. He thought someone dressed as blue was blue 😂😂😂 I mean you can tell this was probably his first time playing Roblox.

  27. ???: no need to worry about him (green). He's blind.

  28. I always distract the rainbow freinds and always almost dies

  29. I dont know why. But hands down my favorite GTLive video. Genuinely have it on in the background multiple repeats over.

  30. I'm SO GLAD Roblox is getting recognittion as more than a kids game

  31. Can’t tell who’s cuter, orange or purple

  32. Once I had purple orange blue and green right next to me

  33. i love how in the beginning matpat was like a mother reacting to a meme that they dont understand

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