This Roblox Game is Actually Terrifying... -

This Roblox Game is Actually Terrifying…

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Slimecicle logs in to his level 1000 Roblox account after 12 years and experiences true fear.
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  1. Slime with lasers “Women run from me and I know why”
    A father of fox: “can not be confirmed or denied”

  2. I had a dream that was about charlie slimecicle, Ted and schlatt playing a game I play. Something had happened, and charlie decided to rank schlatt as a damn pokemon. I was listening to critikal charlie to help me sleep, so charlie slimecicle said something along the lines of putting schlatt in F tier and honestly that dream made the most sense out of any I've had lately.

  3. So… Roblox is in one of its golden ages again. Okay!

  4. your videos always managed to cheer me up when i felt down, thank you

  5. Alternative title: Charlie screaming cuss words at a horror game for 22 minutes and 18 seconds…

  6. Bro how do they make this good of a Roblox game

  7. This is something you don't hear very often; Charlie is smart. NOW HEAR ME OUT. HE MAY ACT STUPID BUT YK HE FIGURED OUT RUSH REALLY QUICKLY, IT USUALLY TAKES PLAYERS A COUPLE OF TRIES. (Soryr for yelling its a thing i do lmao)

  8. mr scp zwe myat mr gaming god coolgamer says:

    Can we play door I can beat lt maybe and I can beat door 50

  9. 696 thousand viewers LOOL

  10. I have never opened a door in my life I have been stuck in one room being tempted to open one but now I know to never trust the urges

  11. 10 year old me be like
    “Plays the BRUH sound effect to stand for ima chad at not being scared

  12. charlie would also get scared playing the mimic

  13. bro picked up the mechanics faster than i did 😭

  14. if Jerma played doors he would scare the monsters away from his mere presence alone

  15. I love how Charlie name the one eye guy Kevin 🤣

  16. Nobody is talking about how he got ambush at door 7😱 timestamp: 5:13


  18. I really appreciate how quickly he switched from Scorn when he realized how boring it was.

  19. when you opened door 50 you should have screamed OH MY GOD IS THAT BILLY?

  20. Number. 1 on top 10 Anime Betrayals Jerry vs Slime Ccl

  21. 4 weeks ago…. hopefully hes working on a main channel video.

  22. me: scrolls down for you page "ugh, IM SO BORED! BORED OUTA MY GORED-" puase for dramatic effect. sees this "*inhale* no…freaking–WAY!"

  23. I'm currently watching this at 3AM and it's gonna be 4AM and this is scaring the the shit out of me

  24. The Great slime shoutout to @NON155

  25. Petition for charlie to play hollow knight?

  26. 18:46 wait this is literally hunted from the blood in the bayou soundtrack. Is this in the game or did charlie add it afterwards????

  27. Istg bro Charlie only posts bangers, his energy is fucking awesome, doesn't matter what he's doing, he just makes everything awesome and hilarious.

  28. Roblox has gotten so many high quality games, and I just want these games to be off of ROBLOX, free of the corporation holding their revenue down.

  29. i have a lot of haters and sometimes AAAAAAAAAAAHHHAHAHHAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111!!!!111 6:25

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