This Roblox Game Slowly Gets NOT FOR KIDS -

This Roblox Game Slowly Gets NOT FOR KIDS

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This Roblox Game Slowly Gets NOT FOR KIDS and it’s AWFUL how this experience isn’t banned yet…
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This is one of my standard Laughability lets play videos, I see a really inappropriate game that’s trending on TikTok.

Last time I saw that You Can’t Leave this Roblox Game and today I return to MeepCity and see things that I can never unsee… FUN!

If this video gets 3,000 likes I’ll do something else



  1. They removed partys cause of this 🙁 IM CRYING ITS BEEN 4-5 DAYS 🙁

  2. At least roblox did something about this

  3. Roblox deleted party’s. Meepcity is becoming holy again

  4. I hate my friend on roblox, he was playing it last week

  5. hey laugh rn roblox took down meep city partys so that meansss NO MORE INAPPROPRIATE STUFF!!!!

  6. One minute your slaughtering noobs in arsenal and the next minute your finding out people are posting things on r/NSFW ON ROBLOX

  7. Hey i dont like slender partys but i like scp roleplay party

  8. You make so many videos on Meepcity despite the fact that you hate the game itself lol

  9. “The person isn’t here anymore yayy insert clapping noise I don’t have to see a n@ked wemen when I just open meepcity”

    this make me laughing so bad

    insert editing

    … read more

  10. Hey if kids are watching this vid so this part is the best part for you guys 3:02 click on it and pause it

  11. GETS NOT FOR KIDS its wrong!!!1!1!1!11!1 it slowly gets GOREY AND BLOODY, ay, thats better!

  12. It just got hacked and I was there

    By tubers93 again

  13. Laughablity they deleted party’s in meep city!


  15. Your wish has been granted laugh they have now removed partys

  16. i am teenager . and when i see kids do this cringe , i choke

  17. My sister and I love this game (not the inappropriate stuff) she’s 5 and I really hope she doesn’t come across this stuff, I’m probably going to buy a private server so that way she doesn’t see this kinda stuff.

    I also would rp with my younger cousin in meepcity (she was 10 at the time) and I remember joining and quickly telling her to tp to my house (which she luckily did) so she wouldn’t see the t-shirts someone had on, we joined a diff server and continued our rp.

    If they're not banning them for the money, they dont deserve the money, that's the crust of a gold digger

  19. hold the phone (this was released on 2022 right) but they said partys would be removed

  20. I hope ur part of the coler game

  21. Man…meepcity was my childhood..
    Its sad (maybe angering) to see it get trashed and taken over by..disgusting people(not mentioning all slenders since some are nice and just like the style.)

    Have a fun fact!

    Pole Dancing is used as exercise! sometimes people do it for money aswell to pay bills.

  22. Don't worry guys party is banned in meepcity 😀

  23. Tubers93 shall hack it and we will not care cause we hate it now

  24. Right when u put the covers I was like oh hack no

  25. Party’s have been deleted probably because of this reason

  26. thats why noone plays that game to that again bc its trash now

  27. I never even knew how to go to the party list tbh I don’t even encounter this I hate Meepcity too

  28. What type of sussy the only without shirt or the sussy thing

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